Yokoyama Yui’s first regular TV program on ground wave, set in Kyoto

  June 27, 2012
AKB48 member Yokoyama Yui (19) will have her first regular show (start airing from July) with her name in it’s title. It will be aired on BS Fuji and Kansai TV.

The show is titled, 「横山由依がはんなり巡る 京都・美の音色」”Yokoyama Yui travel around with her elegance she inherited from ancient city ~ Kyoto・The sound of beauty”. This is the second TV show which has a name of AKB48 member in it’s title after Sashihara Rino’s “Sashiko no Kuseni”.

In she show, Yokoyama who was born and grew up in Kyoto, introduces the rich heritage of Kyoto, traditional culture, entertainment and custom.

To experience grace and beauty of Kyoto firsthand , Yukoyama walks around closely-knit neighborhood alley ways of Kyoto, trying on Nishijin-Ori Kimono, tasting Kyoto cuisine which has been passed down in generations.

“This is my first regular TV show and I’m the only cast to join the filming on location.
I’m a little bit uneasy how the show would be like, but I also look forward to studying the history of my local prefecture Kyoto. I hope people will know more about Kyoto through this TV program”, Yokoyama said.

The show will be aired from July on Kansai-TV (Kansai local), subsequently it’ll be aired nationwide on BS Fuji from August 18.
Yokoyama Yui ga hannari meguru Kyoto – Bi no nairo” (Yokoyama Yui travel around with her elegance she inherited from ancient city ~ Kyoto・The sound of beauty) is aired once a month on every Saturday from 13:00 (*on BS Fuji. it will be aired from 3AM every Wednesday on Kansai TV). The first episode is titled “Nishijin, the sound of weaving “

Did they forget Orikousama (Mariko) or Golf Nadeshiko (Suzuran)????

I think they meant “namesake show”…. so….. Orikousama is….forgotten???

I have an expectation as this title seems to suggest it would be like “walking around the town” type show.
Though it would be just cheap show like it’s only 15 minutes long, which would be rebroadcast twice a month.

Somehow, it sounds so relaxing, which is a best fit for Yui-chan. I’m in Tokushima, so I’m hoping that Kansai-TV will broadcast in my area.

Anyway, I’m envious those members who have a strong support from agencies…. meanwhile my-Oshi is….. orz