AKB48: Members who look the most beautiful in Yukata

  July 2, 2012

I clearly remember Fuuchan looked so nice in Yukata.
Hey man, you are surprisingly like me.
I think Yukata looks authentic when is worn by girls who have Japanese-like body propotion.
I can’t think of anyone but BBA (Katayama Haruka).
Rino-chan from Hakata48!!
Ohya Masana
Japanese traditional clothes such as Kimono or Yukata won’t look fine when they are worn by people whose waist is high. Those whose waist is low, say… what we call “waistless” girls look best in Yukata.
LOL total win of Yuihan!!
Because she won the “beautiful back figure” contest
Yamada Nana
High school uniform

Anyone can look 90% cuter when dressed in these costume.

How can we even discuss on this topic?


It’s about the season when Japan is colored by beautiful girls dressed in beautiful Yukata.

↑She is the winner

I think Churi is the answer? nd I don’t think anyone would have objection to my opinion lol

The point I can’t ever concede is that girls must have silky black hair when dressed in Yukata.

My one vote for Yukirin

I want to walk in a city with Mariko.
I want to date with Takamina.
I want to be taken around to various places by Miichan as my little sister.

Though this is not Yukata….

Mariko looked absolutely stunning in the last summer’s MORE magazine’s Yukata collection segment.

Mujineki-chan (Iwasa Misaki)

Akicha. I don’t accept any objection.

It’s nostalgic to look back on the days when Akicha was this beautiful…

How many times I should say this…. Kashiwagi-san wins in all of this kind of topic!!

Mocchi looked fantastic in Wafuku in かるた (Japanese cards game) tournament, i guess she looks nice in Yukata, too….

Damn….! This is such a rare occasion when Sayanee’s big boobs become obstacle for her….
Anyway, my favorite is, though it’s pretty common, Nakawan and a Japanese wind chime (風鈴) and children in Japanese traditional downtown and sparkling fireworks…..

If I picture a firework festival, then what come across in my head is Minegishi cheefully enjoying it.
Dooon Doooon, the sound of fireworks, and buzz from crowds….
She talks to me with a delightful face, lighted up by a lighting from food stalls….

If you want Kawaii type, then Kikuchi Ayarin.
But if you go with matured sexiness, then Sakiko-san is the right answer.

↑Ooops Sorry this is not Yukata…

How about Miyazawa with black hair and a little bit  tanned skin?


I guess actually Sayaka would look nice in Yukata, too.

Uhm? I think Yukata or any kinds of Japanese traditional clothes suits the best for short and a little plump members.

You must look at Rena dressed in Yukata before raising any other member’s name.


Maybe Kawaei looks cute as she has short legs and a body shape like a child.


Yuko-chan in TV Ad for Shiroi Koibito

A・U・N no Kiss, Shibata Ami-chan (who plays a center for the song)

At least I want her to clear 3 conditions.
Having a slim frame, long silky black hair and fair skin.
There’re some who can clear all these 3, but Rena is by far the best among all of them.

Yukirin and Rena
The 2 are by far cuter in Kimono at their coming-the-age ceremony.
And sure both are “Having a slim frame, long silky black hair and fair skin.”



The first person who came across in my mind is Yukirin.

When it comes to traditional Japanese clothes, it’s not like “The cuter she is, the better she looks in the clothes”


If you are tallking about “How much she looks cuter than usual when she dresses in Yukata”, I would say Kitarie.
I was stunned when I saw her in Yukata in Aitakatta by team Z.

I want to go to summer festivals with Fresh Lemon~~~~~ I will definitely have her dressed in Yukata with childish design~
It would be so much fun to play “goldfish scooping” with her!!!


It’s like Wow that you haven’t named Chuu!!

Okay… Chuu comes right up!!
↑ I like this….
I want to go to Gion Matsuri with Yuihan…..
And…. I’m dreaming like:
Yui “I…. actually…. I like you….(in Kyoto dialect)” (//∀//)
After all, when it comes to Yukata, I like Yui-chan the best.
I want to go to Gion Matsuri with her and walk along from Kawaramachi st. to Kamogawa…