AKB48 Members who you think can be an attractive, handsome man

  July 6, 2012
SAEKA. (Sae and Sayaka)
I think Mittsu and Okaro can completely eliminate women’s smell.
I guess it would be Shinoda or Itano.
Despite all your expectation, I say it’s Kuramochi.
My one vote for Harukyan
He is too handsome when she is dressed like a man
If you talk about Bishonen (handsome boy), then I would say….. Kojima-san and Kaoru-kun.

Kojima-san looks completely like a woman. I can’t feel any manliness from her in the above photo lol
Annin, Nishishi
Wow I was gonna say Tomo~mi, but you already uploaded this photo!!
Actually she, in this photo, is exactly my type!
I actually prefer her in this handsome style to sexy girly Tomo~mi.
Putting aside appearance,
I think if there’s a man who has Takamina’s personality, he’s gonna be ridiculously popular among women.
I guess Oshima would be something like Fujiwara Tatsuya….
I think I would never go wrong on this thread if I just wrote “Mitsumune”.
If you talk about inside, then Takamina.
She was so handsome in the previous episode of DomotoKyodai with Momoiro-Clover Z as guests.
Shinoda. She is so handsome in the commercial!!
Zero-Sum Micha. (Zero-Sum Taiyo by team K)

I think you forgot this man?

Oshima in Zero-Sum’s costume and make-up!

Personally I think Sae-chan is the most handsome in this photo.

Don’t wither our memory of Zero-Sum Micha!!
I think Takamina is the coolest person in AKB
Mayuyu, of course.
Sayaka, of course

Sayaka, Sae and Takamina. These are 3 Musketeers!!
Moeno, of course.

if she put an uniform of Nippon Ham Fighters, then she will surely become Nakata Sho.

I guess Tkamina is the most handsome?
You mean this?
I think you mean this one.

Personality-wise, looks-wise, Takamina is the final answer. Look, she is completely being Ikemen!!

So Pretty!!
Maybe if Takamina was born as a man, she would be more popular as a Janny’s idol?
Okaro now has become like a big brother of members.
Sae-chan in recent Tomosatsu was so handsome that I even thought she is Narumiya Hiroki
W Minami

I’m so impressed that I even got numbed by Yuko dressed in suits in Haruyama’s commercial.
She was really handsome.
Considered Yukirin’s remark, “Yuko-chan is like my big brother”, I think Yuko’s personality is also decisive factor that I should choose her for the answer.
Runners-up would be Mariko.
Anyway I feel gallantries from both girls.

Actually Kasai is also super handsome.
Whatever, no one can beat Sae.