AkiP, Jurina and IshiharaP talked about how AkiP met Jurina (and 3other topics on Annnin Quiz, Majisuka3 and Chikari~~na)

  July 12, 2012

Annin QUIZ, today’s problem is from math!! 

Iriyama Anna
Please prepare paper and pen.

Today’s quiz is math♪
I couldn’t find a difficult problem(๑・ิo・ิ๑)

Answer the total number of multiples of 3 from 100 to 200.


So Iriyama-san has been doing such a playful take on G+!! I need to follow her!!

I think this is just she is making her Ota to solve her homework problems??

This is Quiz…. (trembling voice)

Iriyama Anna “This is QUIZ!!!”

Iriyama Anna
It looks like the last one was too easy?
So I give you another problem! This one is a bit difficult!

Prove “no three positive integers a, b, and c can satisfy the equation an + bn = cn for any integer value of n greater than two.”

LOL Fermat’s last theory….

She didn’t give this problem lol

From what subject will she give homework problem tomorrow?
I’m afraid that she is going to get bored with this soon. 

If she finally reaches the point where she asks Ota that “Please write description of your impression of this book”and gives us a title of assigned reading boo, I will be cracked up to death

Chikano Rina declared that “I’m IDOL!!” 

Chikano Rina
I’m IDOL lol

* deleted post

Wow she is cute!!

Oh… Okay…..

Suddenly? What happened to her??

Takam***: “Majika~~~~~~!! (Are you serious!?!?)”

Takam***: “Non non non non!!!!!”

Wait I can’t find this post anymore….

LOL Disappeared!!

She is ashamed of her own post????

Chikano Rina
Don’T call me “idol”.
I’m IDOL lol
I want to be like Barbie(^o^☆♪

Why she changed the sentence!?!? lol

Well, I don’t understand what she is talking about.

So this means….. well….. yeah she is now in the best condition (in various senses)!!!

AkiP, Jurina and IshiharaP talked about how AkiP met Jurina

A: “Back when she was only 11 y/o….”
J: “Now I’ve become 15.”
I: “But we should say she is still 15 y/o. So let’s talk about the moment when you first met her.”
J: “I somehow start feeling shy….”
A: “So there were 50 people at the final screening of the Audition. And Jurina was No.49.”
I: “SKE’s 1gen’s audition?”
A: “Yes. And I’ve already selected around 16 members before her. I was thinking, alright I think it almost finished….. Then before we started the audition for a girl of No.49, Karaoke machine got malfunctioned. So it didn’t play a song Jurina selected for the audition.”
J: “Yes, I was so upset.”
A: “So because this machine trouble occurred before Jurina showed up, I hadn’t see her yet at this point.”
A: “Then finally No.49 Jurina showed up.”
I: “The last one.”
J: “Yes.”
A: “So from the start, she has had something special.”
J: “Ahahahaha. I have (luck)”
A: “So I thought she has an outstanding talent to be a star. And for some reason, I had to make an phone call to the theater during the audition(or filming). So I called the theater and said ‘So I finished the audition just now, and I found a tremendous girl!!'”
J: “(Laughter)”
A: “That’s what I talked. And, though we’ve already been working on album artworks (of Ogoe Diamond), I ordered to stop everything, and somehow, Juriina…. 11y/o Jurina made a cover appearance for the single alone.”
I: “She is shouting ‘Mariko-sama~!’ in the cover photo of the single…?”
J: “Yes yes, Ogoe…”
I: “Shinobu-san, were you at the audition for 1gen (of SKE)?”
S: “I wasn’t there, but as I was working on Ogoe’s PV, I immediately understood this choice. “
J: “Noo…. No way!”
I: “So you immediately identified the girl that Akimoto-san said ‘I found a tremendous girl!!'”
S: “Yes, she was like smashing though. So PV has the scene where was running up the stairs. Ans the way she running up was already like a star. “
J: “No way~~~!”
A: “So I asked Takahashi (director) to depict something like collision between Jurina and Maeda in this PV.”
“So as Jurina finished running up the stairs, Jurina bumped into Maeda.”
J: “Yas, I bumped, uhmmm I got sop tensed in that scene~~~!”
S: “You did??”
I: “Because that was your first time to act with Maeda-san.”
J: “And because this is acting, she said to me, ‘This is acting, don’t mind, take a full swing!!’ And that released tension in me, and I could give it me best.


Haha They are like father and daughter that are very close to each other.

Though she seemed to feel very shy as Yasusu raved her, but when Jurina is so cheerful, it makes me cheerful, too.
It’s good for Jurina that though she got huge bashing or opposition, many people has given her credit.

You know what? This is the story that everyone knows, and how awesome to know that AkiP still clearly remembers this event as if it happened yesterday!! And how he suddenly gets high when Jurina shows up!!

After long absence, AkiP suddenly appeared on Gugutasu, leaked a little information on Majisuka

Akimoto Yasushi
I watched the on-air ready version of Majisuka3. It had been trimmed much more than offline edited version, and it made the story flows more rhythmically with a better pace.
Shimazaki may be Hetappi (lacking skills), but she conveys a unique taste. Acting Uruse~yo, Shimada’s role would be palatable and profitable for her.
Kizaki Yuria, she’s incredible. She is an incredibly good actress but how and where did she learn that?

LOL Yurina has already acted in Drama and movies!!!

So he admits that she is poor at acting. lol

Hetappi….. lol

They rumored  that Yasusu actually just wanted to say the word “Uruse~yo“….

“A unique taste”….. Such a convenient word!!!

↑ It’s as untrustworthy as songs dubbed “This song will become better as you listen to it again and again.”

So it looks like every time Uruse~yo appears in this Drama, live-commenting section on 2ch will be heated up lol