Catering at AKB48’s Handshake event are getting gorgeous

  July 10, 2012

Cold stone’s ice cream!?!? lol lol lol

What these shop staffs are doing?

They are mixing up ice cream with strawberries or chocolates on cold metal plate.

Honestly this is the first time I heard the word, “Cold Stone”…..
Please someone teach this middle-aged man what Cold Stone is about…..
How many stores they run???

They are very popular among young people.
I don’t know how many stores they have in Japan, but there’re many of their stores in Kansai.

By the way for some reason, shop staffs are making ice cream, singing.
I think they are the 2nd most popular ice cream store chain after Baskin Robbins (I think it’s 3rd after Haagen Daz?)

Until like 5 years ago, they were flipping out just with GariGari-kun…. (60 yen candy ice bar)

Once upon a time, when AKB48 held a collaborated event with Idoling!, while Idoling’s had gorgeous hot meal, AKB had a cold Bento…..
They used to complain that, “We are always having cold Bento….”

By the way SKE members are also amazed by how gorgeous AKB’s meals they have at their events are. (Related post: Kenkyusei’s salary for one stage is 5,000yen)

Maybe it’s Hata-san?
She talked something like “I ate too much because catering food for AKB-san’s event was so delicious” in some TV program.

Kuwabarawho joined Janken Sebatsu, also said something like that.

I thin it would be nice for them if they increase salary for members instead of spending for things like that.

For Tax reasons, I think it would be better to give members beck in this form….

“Free” and “All you can eat!!”

Why don’t you set up Motto Motto booth and let Takamina eat Katsudon!!!!

I somehow feel I can understand the reason why some of members have got fat…..

They must put a note that says “Do not take food for multiple times!!” or AKB48 would be the place just to grow team D (どすこい: Dosukoi)

Are they hearing requests from members for this??

Or maybe this started with some of top members requests to staffs like…. “I can’t be fully motivated without Cold Stone’s ice cream~~~”??

Or maybe management are checking how each members self-management abilities are in this kid of occasion….?
Like…. they are taking notes about who eat how much…..!?

I think years ago,. the only things I saw they were eating were Cup Noodles or MacDonald lol

Oh come on…. why don’t they choose Aisu no Mi!!!

Once, someone said SKE’s Bento are cold while AKB’s are hot……
The income gap can be seen even in these small things….

When they travel, AKB use Shinkansen while SKE use mid-night bus(´;ω;`)

Dressing room for SKE was a bus, when they joined Request hour of AKB48….

This year, as they changed the venue from Shibuya-AX to TDC, finally SKE got a backroom^^

From those kind of things, SKE members have developed their hungry spirits….. like “Damn, those guys are eating such pricey food….. “

And this is the reason why 9gen~ are totally lacking hungry spirits as when they joined AKB48, things are already like this….

I want them to make a rule that only Senbatsu member can eat what they want….

I think they’d better make a rule like, “Only those who sold out their Kobatsu handshake even tickets can eat.”

I think this is very important.
Think about it, think about Paruru, handshake event is actually a grueling event for members, so they need to have something that can motivate them.
If just bringing ice cream stalls make Acchan and other members smile, why Ota complain about it??

Soon the day will come when they order catering of Ginza Kyubey…… (Michelin 3 stars)