Haaemon goes to AKB art exhibition (and another topic on Hagashi at HS event)

  July 9, 2012

A comic artist of Haaemon went to AKB arts club’s  exhibition

Captain Katayama, good job in your club’s art exhibition!!
And… I made a new episode based on Acchan’s line in this year’s Haachan’s Seitansai!
Captioned in English by MayMay
Acchan: “You will be arrested if you continue behaving like that.” (in Seitansai, when Haachan said she uploaded her parody of Draemon on G+, Acchan said this line to her.)

This combination of Manga and reality!! Awesome!!!

I’ve long been waiting for the new series!!!
As always, it has stunning quality!!

And Yukirin’s clothes are actually what she wore in the past episode of AKBINGO’s Yukirin quiz segment lol

Car accident lol

Hagashi: “No vulgar words, please!!!”

I’ve just returned home.

Me: “Good morning”

Nyan: “Good morning~~”
Me: “I think it’s very epochal that an idol do Panty Flash lol”
Hagashi: “Please refrain from speaking vulgar words!!”
I was kicked out like only after 3 seconds lol
Come on, they should educate staffs!!
The highlight of the Drama is Nyan’s Panty Falsh, isn’t it!!

If you were a woman, he would overlook it  lol

It’s no brainer that you’re bounced out lol

According to reports from other fans, it looks like it’s okay for girls to speak the word “Panty Flash”, and Nyan is responding in a completely normal manner.

I guess you had such a gross expression on your face lol

No matter how much you were pleased with her panty flash, you shouldn’t meet her with a facial expression like a bastard lol