”I will no longer have Twintail Hair” – Coupling to Mayuyu’s 2nd Single (and another topic on NO NAME’s single)

  July 4, 2012

There’s a song titled “Twintail ha moushinai (I don’t do twin tail anymore/I graduate Twintail)“, which is a coupling to “Otona Jelly Beans“.

They revealed information about coupling songs?

You can see the list at Rakuten Books or HMV online.

That’s true!!


1. Otona Jelly Beans
2. Saisho no Jack (最初のジャック )
3. Itsudemo Sobani Iteageru (いつでもそばにいてあげる)
4-6. Instrumentals of 1-3


1. Otona Jelly Beans

2. Saisho no Jack
3. Twintail ha Moushinai (ツインテールはもうしない )
4-6. Instrumentals of 1-3


1. Otona Jelly Beans

2. Saisho no Jack
3. Zannen Shojo ( 残念少女)
4-6. Instrumentals of 1-3

Normal Edition

1. Otona Jelly Beans

2. Saisho no Jack
3. Koyubi no Hohoemi (小指の微笑み )
4-6. Instrumentals of 1-3

So Mayuyu will sing Sannen Shojo solo!?

So she won’t have twintail hairstyle anymore…..???? ;_;

I think it’s good for her to graduate Twintail except as a member of Watariroka Hashiritai7.

I don’t want to force her to keep her hairstyle…..
I will never do anything that prevent her growth!!!

She sings Zannen Shojo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy about this!! They remake Zannen Shojo with current Mayuyu, who has improved her vocal ability so much♪

I actually hope that she will still sometimes show us twin-tail hairstyle….

Oh….. because it’s just a title of a song, she will still sometimes have twintail in the reality, I think? Anyway the biggest reason is twintail hair really suits her.

That’s it.
Nobody suits twintail hairstyle than Mayuyu!

Personally I love that distinctive twintail hair she has in her profile photo.

You mean this?

My wild guess:
“I was thinking to graduate twintail hair,
But you said to me, “I love you in twintail hair”,
You made me rethink and I decided that I’ll keep this hairstyle for a while.”
The lyrics is gonna be like this??? lol

Extra: Album artworks for Seiyu Senbatsu “No Name”‘s 1st single “Kibou ni Tsuite”

Album artworks of AKB’s Seiyu Senbatsu, “NO NAME”‘s 1st single “Kibou ni Tsuite” has been released.
Members wear the costume of the characters they voice in the Anime.
Type-A is “NO NAME” version, which contains one from total 9 versions of members photographs. (Randomly contained)
First Edition comes with DVD which contains Music Video and members dialogue over hotpot. Type-B is “Anime version” and contains one from total 9 different versions of holographic photographs. This version’s DVD contains making footage of Animation style Music Video.

Musics contained in the single are the same in both versions.

Opening theme: Kibou ni Tsuite
Ending Theme: Yumeha Nandomo Umarekawaru
Ending theme of episode 13: Niji no Ressha



So they completely separate Anime Ota (type-B) and AKB Ota (type-A)….
Anyway, they look a bit fat in this cosplay costume……

As AKB Ota, I wanted them not to wear cosplay costumes anymore because the costumes don’t suit them at all…..

If it was designed by Shinobi-san, it surely would be different…… This costume looks so cheap….