Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry (and 3other topics on Tsun Lovetan made Wasamin sick, Teppoutai and Sawako)

  July 15, 2012

Ichikawa Miori confessed her recent worry

Ichikawa Miori
Hi I’m Miorin (・∀・)
Discussion Topic: “Am I too serious?”

Is Lemon having worries?

I feel like Lemon-chan’s writing has become quite stiff.

Ichikawa Miori
My sentences often become serious and I don’t find them interesting.
My Mobame, my Gugutasu, both tend to set longer, and I just write about my boring daily life….. I think too much about what to write and stare at my cellphone for like 30 minutes…..
I’m worried about my Mobame and Gugutasu recently….

Because she’s suffered so much trouble before she joined AKB48, she tends to be very serious….

She was fired from agencies twice, I read, right?

What wrong with being serious, Lemon?

Lemon will quit her Mobame as she will transfer to Ogi Production this month, right?

I think because she quit this is the last month of her Mobame, she is seriously worried about this.

“Now I’m doing ○○

We’ll be satisfied with only short text like this, won’t we?


That’s Milky’s template for her G+.

Probably twitter suits her better? Good or bad, you can write a long sentence in Mobame and G+.


That’s one reason. Because Lemon-chan is a smart girl, she is a kind of girl who tends to want to write about various matters.
And probably she can’t do like Akicha, who immediately post about things that come up in her head even though the post is very short.
So after all, this seriousness is one part of Fresh Lemon-ness and I want her to realize that we love her whole personality including her seriousness.

In that sense, I don’t think you don’t have to force yourself to change your personality, Lemon-san.

This discussion is full of Ota’s love to Lemon….


Yagura Fuko and Hikawa Ayame are cooking, dressing in costumes of Teppoutai!

Yagura Fuko
Just Bring It~~~♥ lol

Why there is Kashiwagi in this photo…..

LOL Everyone is getting so high about this work!!!

Costumes really suit them and I think they’re really having fun!

Probably they are wearing this costume with a feeling as if they were doing cosplay.

Personally I want to Mirumiru (watch) Shiokichi.

↑ Sayanee good job….

And we still don’t know what Teppoutai’s song will be like…..
Even though it would be like comic-song, I hope it’s just a exciting song that make me get high!

Umechan…. ON YOU BACK!!!!!

Umemoto Madoka
What (;゜ ゜)ノ!?

Iwasa Misaki got sick because of Lovetan being Tsun against her.

Iwasa Misaki
How happy that I’m living in this world….
Thank you God….
Besides….. A DOUBLE BED!?!?
Staffs….. Good Job!!! I’ll give you 1,300yen!!
We have same photos, too Ai-chan.
2 shot of Cherry and Ai-chan, so cute…. as I know, Aika is the cutest…..

Huff Huff

Ota Aika: “Don’t call me Aika casually!!”

Iwasa Misaki: “I’m sorry….”
Iwasa Misaki: “I got sick…..”
Iwasa Misaki: “I’m over……”

LOL Lovetan is being Tsun.

I think Mujineki and Lovesan has been so close to each other that they sleep on the same bed since their early days.

Lovetan wrote something like this in the letter she sent to Mujineki in this year’s  her Seitansai.

Yasamin(病みさん: 病み/Yami(sickness) + わさみん/Wasamin) Kawaii….