If there’s a closet lesbian inside the 48G, she would be in paradise on earth!

  July 20, 2012

Because there are so many members in 48G, there must be a possibility, at least several members who are serial lesbians, I think?

I heard someone has started a thread for Fujita Naana lol

If there's a closet lesbian inside the 48G, she would be in paradise on earth!

Naana finally got sexually aggressive at 48G’s general manager, Takamina…

If there's a closet lesbian inside the 48G, she would be in paradise on earth!

I was gonna write something funny about Naana but you guys have already written it!!

Lovetan and Tanochan….. and several othrers…

She is not a serial lesbian but Yuko looks like she is enjoying it (: surrounded by girls in AKB48)

You’d better stop having such a sweet dreams. You know what? Many of our seniors lost their lives (as their sweet wish that their favorite idols were lesbians turned out to be total delusion )


Acchan and Miichan

Whoa! This has a stronger impact than I have expected….
It’s exactly like a forbidden paradise…

If there's a closet lesbian inside the 48G, she would be in paradise on earth!

You’re under arrest~~~~!!!

Who is in the 2nd photo lol

Not necessarily be a serial lesbian lol
It’s a paradise for those ear fetishes, elbow fetishes and scent fetishes lol

I will come back to this thread when it gets dark.
This is too titillating for daytime lol

Suspected to be a lesbian: Naana (Fujita Nana), Tanochan, Chuu, Jurina
Suspected to be bisexual: Mochikura (Kuramochi), Amina, Sae, Yokoyama
Do you know anyone else?

You forgot the essential name when you talk about this topic. I mean it’s Kaoru-kun.
It almost certain that she is a bisexual as she didn’t resist Jurina’s kiss.

If we can say Chuu is a lesbian, then we can say Miichan and Yuko are lesbians, too lol

I think “Chuu → Sae “ is serious. (Means Chuu loves Sae)

You gotta add Sashihara to the bisexual list.
Actually we can’t just assume that Sashihara is sexually aggressive, as Sashiharassment is so indiscriminate.
I would rather say, she is “Omnivorous” rather than sexually aggressive (“Carnivore”)

Tanochan is a lesbian!?!?
My favoritism for her is now rapidly increasing!!
I have an impression that Jurina is quite promising considering her face or personality.

Mogi Shinobu that Naana once said this girl is a similar type of her.

Oh, I accidently forgot Airin.

How about Okaro-san??

She has no inclination to lesbian or bisexual things but somehow she is very popular among these types of girls lol

The same thing goes for Nishishi and Moeno.

Yokoyama is the kind of girl who unconsciously being teased by seniors and loved by them, while the same generation members and her juniors have become absolutely charmed by her even before Yokoyama realize it?

It’s hard to understand “Girls-only world” such as Ooku or Takarazuka, girls-only schools.
Are there any female Otas that see the members as sexual objects? And people like them probably can tell if a member is a serious lesbian

↑ No I can’t.
I can’t take a bath together with heterosexual girls.
So when I’m not interested in AKB48,
I thought Takamina is a same type of girl as me, as she said,
“I don’t like to take (a bath) with members.”
“If I were a lesbian, I wouldn’t be able to come out.”
But as the time went by, I’ve come to realize that Takamina is actually a man.

Murashige Anna Sashihara Rino Miyawaki Sakura
Please…..this is way too much…..

There are surely some members who look like they are directing their sexual urge to members who are close to them.

But let’s get serious. Probably Deguchi Aki is the only member who is actually a real lesbian.

Yeah SKE have Akisun (Deguchi), and they have Inuzuka Asana as well.

It’s like a harem for Miichan.
Mayuyu Chuu NyanNyan
\  ↑  /
/  ↑ \
Atsuko Yuko Takamina

↑Please add Yokoyama in the list as Mii has been charmed by her.
↑There’s no space to add her in the chart… lol

Even though they are not serious lesbians, just like in Puccho’s commercial, they are depicting the world in which men can never enter.

Heavy Rotation or Kataomoi Finally’s PVs are more extreme than Puccho.

Bishojo Hunter Rena is potentially a lesbian. (Bishojo: beautiful girls)

↑When asked “Can you be in a relationship with a girl?” from her fans on G+, she answered, “What’s the problem, I absolutely can.”
And…. Imade Angel, though she has already graduated, had an aura of a serious lesbian.

I think those members who joined AKB when they were still in secondary school and have been dated by members since then have a tendency to become lesbians or bisexuals.
For instance, members like Miichan, Mayuyu and Lovetan.

I’m worried that Takamina is seriously into NyanNyan…..

↑Takamina is probably always struggling inside her heart….

source, Translated and edited by Ryosuke, Ganita, Wingom and Tommy