Iriyama Anna seems to give Quiz to her Ota again (and 2 other topics on Mariko and Tomu)

  July 11, 2012

Mariko-sama is too cute that she made me collapsed into laughter


Well, this is the thing called Kawaii.

Mariko is so cute….
Her upbeat personality is awesome!!

While Kitarie doesn’t stare at us…. Mariko does!!
And she is 26 y/o, can you believe this!?!?
Sure, she is cute, but what kind of question it was?
Q: “Raise your hand if you want to play duet with Suzuki Masayuki.”

It clearly tells how each member was thinking lol
Yuko: “Yay~~~~!! (Just be cheerful because of the mood)”
Mariko: “YesssssssssssssssSSSSSSSS!! (She is also being facetious because of the mood)”
Kojima: “Orz…. Should I sing with him??”
Minegishi: “After all, they already have decided who to sing with him. But what I want is to make TV appearance as long as possible!!”
Watanabe: “I love singing!!”
Kashiwagi: “Cheesy farce lol”
Itano: “Anyway, it looks like I’d better raise my hand…”
Kitahara: “Who said I’m poor at singing!!!”

I made my mind to ask her to do this pose at next Handshake event!!!!!!!

Iriyama Anna seems to give Quiz to her Ota again.

Iriyama Anna
This is my private clothes on Sunday(๑・ิo・ิ๑)
Though I took this photo on the other day.
One piece dress is by LIZ LISA
So, I will give you a math Quiz tomorrow, so please prepare for it, everyone♪

LOL She once again let Ota solve her homework problem!!!???

Alright, I will do my best for Annin!!!

LOL What a clever girl!!

I want Annin to plus one my comment…

It’s QUIZ!! QUIZ! lol

It can’t be helped, because this is Quiz…

Iriyama Anna: “This is not homework!! Quiz Quiz!!”


She’d better make it clear lol

Iriyama Anna: “i give you Quiz from 数B (usually studied by sophomore)”

I will look for my textbook…..

Sooner than later her school will know this and scold her, I think? lol

It’s annoying lol

If she will give me “Bonus picture” if I correctly answered to Quiz, I will give it everything!!!

Yeah yeah, if she will upload her boundary-pushing self portrait, I will put everything into it!!

Ota solve idols homework problems and idols give them their sexy photos!?!? 
What the hell this system is LOL

Group photo of team A, Muto Tomu is missing….

Nishiyama Kyoko

As I always think, Group photo is such a nice thing!!
One for all, All for one (*^_^*) 
Saru-Oba will also watch On Demand~~~~(^_-)

Kuramochi Asuka: “It’s wonderful~( ´˘`)♥ “

Akicha’s pose lol

Because Shiichan twisted her body too much, Akicha somehow looks straight to me.

Where is Tomu!?!?
I thought because Wakanyan was asked to join right before the show, total 17 members performed this stage, right?? 

Because of her age, I think?

Muto Tomu
I finished with Stage performance and came back home~☆
Today, I joined Maeda-san’s last Sentansai (^^)
Maeda-san, happy birthday!!
And….. I gave a birthday gift to maeda-san♪
I don’t tell you what I gave her~~~~( ´∀`)
The only thing I regret is that I couldn’t join the group photo.
Because they shot this photo just before the photo session with MVP fans, they took it with 16 members. I thought I wished I were not KKS….(´・ω・`)
Alright! I have to strive more!!

Oh that’s why…..

Tomu: “Yasushi!! Promote me ASAP!!”

I think today Tomu herself was secretly expecting the announcement of her promotion to a regular team….

So there were fans who used MVP ticket (or I should say executed MVP right), I think they had a though time to decide between the Acchan’s final Stage and final Sentaisai….

What is MVP?

It’s a right you can get when you attended Stage performance for 100 times. You can use this right called MVP only for once in your lifetime. You can watch any Stage you want and enter the theater before anyone else. In addition you can take a group photo with all members of your favorite team and get a T-shirts with all members signs on it.

So KKS can’t join the group photo after Stage performance? I’ve never heard of it.

Usually they can, but because today, there were fans who executed MVP rights so it can’t be helped.

Wakanyan, Tomu, and all other junior members, they grow up through this kind of bitter experience….