Is it only me who is dreaming about AKB48 with Watanabe, Jurina, Yokoyama, Shimazaki, Yamamoto and Mitsumune in the center?

  July 15, 2012

If this is gonna be true, then AKB48 can battle once again.

How nice.

If it’s showy then I think it’s fine.

Watanabe means not only Mayuyu but also Milky.
Captain for AKB48 is…. because Yamamoto has to work for NMB as well, it may be Yuihan.
And a member who are capable in variety TV shows and another tall members in addition to Mitsumune.

I also want to be in a sexy dream with Kojiharu and Kasai.

↑ Yokoyama’s
“Yokoyama sensei and Yokoyama-san”
I personally felt that that Yokoyama sensei was quite sexual.

Let’s pillage Ikoma and Shiraishi from NGZK.

For Miyazawa’s position and Mayuyu, let’s promote SKE Ogino-chan!

I had dreams about Watanabe, Jurina and Shimazaki.
I think the balance would be good if Mitsumune (Kaoru) was in a position similar to Shinoda’s.

How about adding an all-around player, Kuumin?

Mayuyu, Yuihan, Mittsu, and most importantly, Ryoka-chan.

↑Sure, if they make a radical bet that selecting Oshima Ryoka for one of top members, it will give her an image of 2nd Oshima Yuko, but…… probably this bet will fail.

↑ You can’t tell.

From Oshima Ryoka, I feel the same aura of a Protagonist that I feel from Goku-san as a kid or Luffy in his early period.

I don’t understand why you guys include Mitsumune….

↑ Probably as a model-type member, like Shinoda?
Yokoyama is for Takamina or Yuko’s position.
Mayuyu is probably for Acchan’s position.

I love to see interaction between Mitsumune and Mayuyu.

Honestly, I can’t picture an image that these members surpass Assan and Oshima’s combi.
Overall, they conveys a weak image.

In the future, realistically speaking, I have an image that these members plus several members from current Senbatsu form the top members of the next generation AKB.

Though I hate Sashihara, looking at these faces, I felt that we need Sashihara.

Mittsu has been rarely become a topic lately…
I think she has a potential to become popular if they persistently give her a support.

I think if Mittsu continues to focus on Stage performance as she’s been doing right now,
She will grow more than we expect.

I have an impression that recently Mittsu has been getting serious about Stage performance.
I don’t know how to put it, but I feel that she is a nice girl.

She has been serious about Stage from the beginning.
It was just because she couldn’t focus on it due to her busy schedule.
Besides, she is very skillful in MC-ing.

It looks like Mittsu is being taught to dance from Yokoyama.
She wrote this on G+

Today I went to watch teak K-san’s RESET Stage!!
It was good to go.
OR I should rather say: I am terrified with the fact that I was standing on the stage of AKB48 theater without even watching RESET Stage in person.
Right after I first joined AKB48 as a 13gen member, we had a chance to watch team 4’s Stage performance, and I could only care about things like how skillful their singing or dancing are, or how correct their moves are. But after I performed Stage myself, I found that my viewpoints to watch other team’s performance have changed.
For example, the complicated feeling I have when I am eagerly waiting for (other team’s) members to show up for encore as I am clapping my hands.
Because it will be too long, I won’t write everything down here,
But after I returned my home, I felt terrified about various things, so I practiced RESET Stage.
Phew, nice nice.

I want one more model type girl… a girl who is tall, elegant and soft like Kojiharu.

If you prefer relatively tall girls, then….
Karen, Mogi, Sakura (not 咲良), Amemiya, AbeMari, Annin, Kato Rena.
Choose which one you like!!

If we forget about the center or front row for now, and just pair these members up with current top members, it will be like this…?
And through this somewhat unreasonable method, I found that there were no successor of Kojiharu and Itano….
Maeda→Shimazaki (Dark type center)
Oshima→Jurina (Macho type center)
Mayuyu→Mayuyu (Mayuyu)
Kashiwagi→Miyuki (Amazing Idol power)
Shinoda→Mitsumune (Cool beauty)
Takahashi→Yokoyama, Yamamoto (beloved leaders)

Currently we don’t have successors for Tomochin and Kojiharu….

From the perspective of management, folks like Kato Rena may sneak into senbatsu?

Honestly, I think members like Yukirin and Takamina will remain in senbatsu for a while.
Whether or not Chiyuu will remain in AKB’s senbatsu is up in the air but because the Chiyuu-type of sexy girls are not easy to find, so I guess she might remain.

In order to be popular, just appealing to the lolicon crowd is not enough.
There is a need to be members with the above characteristics, and AKB have, by some miracle, Shinoda, Itano and Miyazawa.

So we need to rely on Mittsu-san for all of Sae, Shinoda and Itano’s roles?

Tomochin used to be a normal young kid when she just joined AKB48 (´・ω・`) I think many current young members will change their style drastically in the near future.

If these girls will be the front faces of AKB48, then who will take on the role of leading a talk in say, variety TV shows or interviews?
(I mean the role that has been played by Oshima, Minegishi or Takamina)

↑I think that role is, unfortunately, ideal for that girl now in Hakata.

I think the addition of Aamin with her eyebrows trimmed, creates a good balance with Mittsu.
As for the center, I think Paruru may be better than Mayuyu, as Paruru is more “generic (or plain)” in a good way than Mayuyu.

MaedaAmi   Shimazaki   NNGen   YamamotoS   Mitsumune
                                    Yokoyuama      Jurina (Mayuyu)  
                                                      Mayuyu (Jurina)
The formation will be like this?
It will be balanced if one member from the next next generation is promoted to one of top positions, like in the third row.

For the time being, it’s already been decided that Mayuyu, Jurina and Paruru will become top members of the next AKB, according to HP’s commercial.
As for Mariyagi, Iriyama and Ohba, it’s still up in the air.
But if there is a possibility for them, Ohba would be the one, though I was thinking that the next captain will be Yokoyama.

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Generation change in one of their most prominent commercial endorsements is a huge deal.
Let’s see how many members from the next generation will be selected for the senbatsu of the 28th single.

Tomochin’s successor? Though there is no blonde hair type of girl, there are stylish type girls like Annin and Fujie.
If her purpose is for expanding the popularity among girls. they should choose Annin to develop as one of central figures of the future AKB.

Fans of Tomochin are mainly junior high school or high school girls, so it may be Annin? They like the clear-cut features of Annin’s face.

Yeah, I also think these girls will be indispensable to AKB during the next generation.
But there’s one thing that they can’t compete with the Kami7 members in, and that’s the bond between the members.
I can’t imagine that the funny talks or exchanges between Kami7 members that we’ve been watching on TV shows or in making of videos can been seen from this random combination of next generation members.
Probably there are few funny stories between them in their private lives.
So…. how about having them do a training camp together for one month?