Maachun gets raving during Hey!Hey!Hey! live special (and another topic on the release of SSA concert: Acchan’s graduation announcement)

  July 10, 2012

Maachun is raving!!

Note: Please watch in 1080p
Maachan is far right and of the tierd seats, dressed in emerald blue costume.

Maachun’s raving dance from 2:15~

Not only Maachun but all NMB members are passionately dancing!!
I think they should have given KakiGouri to NMB members lol

LOL NMB members are so exciting!!!

Orz…. they must have placed NMB members in the front row….
Especially Maachun♥

She will lose nothing by doing this kind of steady efforts.
Some TV staffs are definitely watching this.

Maachuna and Takayanagi…… I was cracked up lol

AKB48 to release SSA concert DVD on September 5th

前田敦子 涙の卒業宣言!in さいたまスーパーアリーナ 〜業務連絡。頼むぞ、片山部長!〜 スペシャルBOX 【特典ポストカード付き】 [DVD] 前田敦子 涙の卒業宣言!in さいたまスーパーアリーナ 〜業務連絡。頼むぞ、片山部長!〜 スペシャルBOX 【特典ポストカード付き】 [DVD]


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So they once again divided footage into 2 disk!?

Just remembering the moment of Acchan’s graduation speech and the atmosphere of the venue give me goosebumps….
This DVD is going to be evergreen among AKB fans….

We finally will be able to see the scene where they announced members transfer to respective agencies….

They won’t release Blu-Ray!?!?

“We release 5 types in accordance with needs from fans.”
Why don’t you response to needs of Blu-Ray version!!!

Please release before Tokyo dome concert…..

I hope they will air on NHK BS, then I don’t have to buy DVD.
Even Seibu dome concert was by far in higher image quality on NHK than DVD, I think it’s impossible to record the true quality of SSA’s runway lit up with LED ….”

Why the hell AKB doesn’t release Blue-Ray while Momo-Clo, not selling as much as AKB, release Blue-Ray version!!!

Official trailer on AKB Offical Youtube Channel

Uhmmm I want to watch this in the highest quality…..

Oh come on, you’d better admit the current situation that Blu-Ray platform has not future….

I can understand their main intention is sales record, and that’s why they don’t care aboubt Blue-Ray that much…. but… lame….

Honestly, DVD footage of SSA concert is must-have item, I think.
But because they streamed it for one day on G+….. I want to watch it in Blue-Ray…..

This is the price.
Box set
・Special DVD BOX (7DVDs + Booklet+1 Photo) 18,900JPY
Single DVD
・1st day, 2nd day, 3rd day DVD (each has 2 DVDs + 1 Photo) 5,980JPY
・Special digest DVD 4,980JPY

I wanted to feel the bright and vivid air of the moment….. her shining tears…..

At least I wanted them to release this before Tokyo Dome concert…… I wanted to reminisce SSA before her graduation…..