Majisuka3 ED Theme 動機 is Paruru’s solo number (and 3other stories on Milky and Karen-chan)

  July 15, 2012

Happy Air-Kissing from Milky~~~~!

Watanabe Miyuki

My first Air ○○♥

Air-Kissing is coming━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!
Milky is awesome, I can enjoy her so much even though I basically enjoy AKB on my laptop and TV!!
↑You know what? I was shot down by her with this Air-Kissing at yesterday’s handshake event

Milky is such a creative girl, she challenge various things and do things in different ways. I respect her!

Okay! I feel that with Milky’s Air-Kissing I can manage to survive this summer!!!

I thought it would be Air-ChapuChapu, and had expanded so much imagination before I clicked the link…

Watanabe Miyuki to join both team B and N’s captains Setaisai this week

July 16 18:00~ Senshun Girls Stage

Yamamoto Sayaka Seitansai

Casts: Kadowaki Kanako, Kotani Riho, Kondo Rina, Shinohara Knna, Joenishi Kei, Shirama Miru, Fukumoto Aina, Matsuda Shiori, Yamaguchi Yuuki, Yamada Nana, Yamamoto Sayaka, Yoshida Akari, Watanabe Miyuki, Azuma Yuki, Koyanagi Yuusa, Nakagawa Hiromi

July 21 18:00~ Theater no Megami Stage

Kashiwagi Yuki Seitansai

Casts: Ishida Haruka, Kasai Tomomi, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kitahara Rie, Kobayashi Kana, Sato Amina, Sato Natsumi, Suzuki Shohori, Suzuki Mariya, Chikano Rina, Masuda Yuka, Watanabe Miyuki, Watanabe Mayu, Izuta Rina, Morikawa Ayaka, SaeedYokota Erena

Finally Captain appeared in the theater with Milky!!!
And my congrats for your first co-performance with Izurina!!!

So she prioritize team B to team N after all? On the same day, team N has a Stage at Namba….

How about Milky’s Seitansai??? Which team will hold it? Or will she have 2 Seitansai in September!?!?

Anyway, she has a tremendous energy….
Actually, I’m not surprised if she has already dropped due to overworking.

Majisuka3 ED theme song is sung by Shimazaki Haruka

Shimazaki Haruka

I watched the commercial of HP for the first time now!!
Oh by the way… I failed to say this at the right timing…..
The ending theme of Majusuka3 is sung by me.
(DokiDoki (>_<) (Heart pounding))

Matsui Rena
I haven’t watched it (HP).

Probably it’s a pun. Douki and DokiDoki(>_<)? “
Too many solo….. loll

Song-wise, probably Penguin is better? Which should I vote for in AX…… I’m torn between the two songs….

That’s it…. I want to support her solo song, but I’m attached to Penguin…..
But because Paruru haven’t yet had a strong fan base, if votes are divided to 2 songs, both would fail to rank in in the worst scenario….

I’m neither her Oshi nor Anti, but my impression of this song is……. to put it in one word, “unreliable”.

I can understand what you mean….

Iwata Karen elegantly Tsun-ed by Tano-chan as always

 Iwata Karen
Today, I’m so happy~~~(^o^)
Like an adult woman, I went out in a maxi one piece dress♪

How many Mobame have I sent (←10)?

I want to go to festivals~!!

Members who are free right now, why don’t you leave comments!!! ☆ノシ

Tano Yuka: “You’ll go? I won’t~~~~( ̄▽ ̄)”
Kato Rena: “Me, Neither~~~~ lol ←”
SaeedYukota Erena: “Karen!! I’ve wanted to meet you~!!!♥(。´Д⊂)”
 Iwata Karen: “Yeah, I can just sent messages to their mobile phones……
On Gugutasu, many members will see my post!!!
That’s why I chose to find members here on Gugutasu!!! ← Why don’t you admit that you don’t have friends lol”
 Iwata Karen: “Yuka, let’s go together next time (^^) I never let you say No’ lol’”
 Iwata Karen: “Erena!! Definitely, let’s meet up soon!!”


Tano-chan…… You’re an extreme sadist lol