Mayuyu has declared that she’ll make her boobs bigger by drinking soy milk!!!!

  July 21, 2012

She’s gradually maturing, but it’s just her breasts that stay the same.

What have you been hooked on lately? Mayuyu: “It’s passed 2days since I started drinking soy milk”

So she really did care about it!

Mayuyu’s boobs are still growing!

Flat chested is flat chested that will never change.

Soy milk didn’t work out for Sashihara at all…..

Small boobs are actually her charm point….

So she minds her small breasts…

What has Mayuyu learned from observing Sashiko over these years!?
There is a case of complete failure, which is in Hakata!!!! 
Now it’s time to cite this…. lol

“I’ve been drinking soy milk a lot lately, and it’s because i want to make my boobs bigger.”
“You know what? Ground waves have a tremendous influence (in changing people’s perception)”

I wonder if cabbage is more effective than soy milk, Mayuyu.

Mayuyu with huge breasts
Doesn’t sound bad at all…

I love Mayuyu when your upper body is slenderly built!

Mayuyu with gorgeous boobs?? No way!!

So I want to check which size her breasts are.

Please judge from these images lol

↑What can I judge from the 3rd photo lol

I uploaded the wrong picture, judge from these pictures lol

↑What can I judge from the 4th and 5th photos lol

↑x2 This is so intentional lol

I think it depends on her costumes, right?
I think it looked like she was developing decent boobs in the “Jelly beans” MV
Wait, swimsuits are the best way to tell how big her boobs are.

↑Please don’t forget: Costume or Swimsuits ― Added volume of Pads = The real size of her boobs

Being from Saitama means she has a huge handicap…

Yeah, it was featured on TV that the average size of boobs are the smallest in Saitama.
Saitama is the prefecture where children sleep the least because of cram schools or long commuting times.
10pm to 2am is the golden time to grow breasts.

Mayuyu….. so you’ve actually minded it….
But you’re perfect as you are…..

Because on many occasions, they wear swimsuits together with other members, so flat chested girls will definitely mind it.

When too many hormones are generated, the risk of breast cancer increases, so I heard.

↑That’s why there is a legal limit on the intake of soybeans isoflavones

It’s no problem because Mayuyu’s butt is 100/100.

Nacchan once said to Kikuchi, “(My breasts are) Smaller than Mayuyu”,
so her case is not as severe as the so called flat chested girls. I think she is fine just the way she is.

Perhaps the reason she loves to touch the boobs of members such as Yukirin is….
because she aspires to have big boobs like them?

Breasts are just a decorative part of the human body. Those whose heads are filled with erotic imaginations can’t understand that.

source, Translated and Edited by Wingom, Andy and Tommy