Mayuyu took a 2shot photo with SKE’s Ogino-san (and 2other topics on Yoshimasa and Kaoru,Jurina)

  July 9, 2012

Ogino Risa and Watanabe Mayu exchanged addresses and phone numbers

Ogino Risa

Don’t be too much surprised\(^o^)/

At handshake event, I finally could meet Watanabe Mayu-san!!We took a 2 shot photo (´⊙ω⊙`)

She asked my address and phone number…っ´ω`)っ

I’m looking forward to seeing her in a next HS event!!

Mayu-san was….. so cute( ´´ิ∀´ิ` )2828

Ogino Risa”Hulk Hogan”
Ogino Risa”She is really cute…(´・ω・`)”
Ogino Risa”Nyafu~~~”
Watanabe Mayu”Thank you so much for todayーー(^^) Ukya♥
Anyway, I will go to join 6th part (of today’s Handshake event)~~~”
Ogino Risa”Mayu-san…. Good luck with you\(^o^)/( ´´ิ∀´ิ` )”

What a nice smile!!

Uhmmm I think I saw Mayuyu’s face filled with joy for the first time after a long time….^^

Inoue Yoshimasa uploaded full ver. of “Jiibunde plus1 (Plus one for your own post)”

Inoue Yoshimasa

For all you guys, including me, who are not good at talking….
Again this song!! “Jibunde plus1” full ver. Listen!!!

LOL it’s wastefully cool!!
You know what? It’s cool when adults get serious about play!!

Mitsumune Kaoru and Matsui Jurina were kissed

Mitsumune Kaoru
Yayy!! I finished with Handshake event!!

This time, I met relatively many people who have come to the event for the first time.
Let me say this once again. Everyone is so upbeat, and I’m grateful to it^^

And…..actually I kissed with Jurina-san….. So I can have a nice meal~(´ー`)← (totally out of context)

In a toilet!?!?
So which one played a role of a man??? lol
It can’t be helped…. Jurina is a kind of person who kisses every girl….
Naana would be mad at this…..
As I expected, Jurina has put her eyes on this Ikemen…

Kobayashi Marina “Uhoっ”


What did she mean???

Maybe because both of them are men??? (Uhoっ is a word to describe a sexual relationship between men.)

Fujita Nana “It’s a cheating!! I want to kiss Jurina-san, too~~(´o`)← “


Naana is now completely being “Girls love” mode!!

I was thinking she would be jealous of Jurina, but then I was taken aback!!