NMB’s new single’s coupling ”Mousou Girlfriend”, MV will be released tomorrow (Video: NMB Live concert at Nicofarre)

  July 2, 2012

NMB’s upcoming 5th single’s coupling “Mousou Girlfriend” (go on sale on Aug 8) will be featured in MinMinDaha’s commercial which starts airing from tomorrow, July 3rd.  MV of the song will also be uploaded on NMB’s official website and MinMinDaha’s procudt website on 12:00 tomorrow.

Following the press conference held in this afternoon, NMB48 joined the secret live concert at Nicofarre and 
performed the coupling of the single “Mousou Girlfriend” for the first time in public.

In the commercial, there’s only one member who has a pink little finger. If you can correctly guess that member and apply to the campaign, you may win gorgeous presents

1. NyanNyan Date in playing boat (total for 144 people / 48 for Kanto, Kansai and Chubu regions, respectively)
2. NyanNyan cosplay costume (total for 96 people/ 48 for men and women respectively)
3. NyanNyan teeth mark stamp (You can choose one of total 5 members, 100 for each member, 
total 500)
4. NyanNyan studying tool set (You can choose one of total 5 members, 100 for each member, total 500)
*You need to buy MinMinDaha drinks to collect seals to apply this campaign.

MinMinDaha is renamed to NyanNyanNyaha for this campaign.

There also are total 7 different versions of radio commercial for the campaign.
NyanNyan Playing boat” Milky, Nana
NyanNyan Cosplay” Sayanee, Ainyan
Lucky Item“ Sayanee, Ainyan
Useful information that intrigues your ears“ Milky, Sayanee
Studying NyanNyan language“ Sayanee, Ainyan
Studying for Exam“ Nana, Joe
Wanting to lend hands even from cats” Milky, Joe

NMB48 Senbatsu members (Out Kishino and Kinoshita, In Yagura and Matsuda)

When asked “Because this commercial previously  starred SDN48, with these Neko costume, NMB48 will go with ‘Sexy style’?”, Milky answered “No~~~~nyan. This is Neko, so we are totally different (from adultness), ‘Sexy style’ is too early for us.” source
During the show, each member introduced themselves with their “Nyan version” (*Nyan=meow, which means Cats) of catchphrase.

Syanee: Nyayaka Nyanyayaka Nyanyayaka, “Nyayaka~~!!!” Nyanyatto Nyanyasisa Nyanyayaka “Nyayaka~~!!”