Our Impression on NMB48’s TV Show ”Geinin”

  July 4, 2012

It was decently funny, I think?

Goto (professional comedian, a part of comedian duo Football Hour) really assisted members in such a professional manner!! You’re awesome Goto!!

Geinin is actually more interesting than I expected!!
I can’t wait to see the next episode!!

Goto Thanks!!

Famous quote from the 1st episode “To repeat someone else’s funny remark to get laughs and to get annoyingly persistent are totally different.”

It was so much interesting!!
I enjoyed Oogiri more than Manzai because I can see interaction between members and Goto’s funny quips.
And…. it’s also funny that because NMB members are used to variety shows and comedy skits, Manzai, they didn’t convey a single bit of freshness lol
It looks like a favorite of the staffs of this program is Riichan.
Anyway even you can’t understand this typical(?) Kansai style comedy, you can enjoy flight attendant cosplay of Akarin next week!!! So you can enjoy both funny and sexy sides of NMB members!!

Opening theme song was “Mousou Girlfriend”……

I think it will be replaced with a new track which may be unveiled soon?

I think whether or not this program can be funny is all up to Goto’s ability as a comedian and retorter. He plays such an important role to draw keep their skit rhythmical and well-orgaznied.
By the way where is Iwao (another part of comedian duo Football Hour) ? Will he join the show in later episodes??

By the way, Joe-chan is so aggresive in Oogiri segment lol
She was also very active in Naniwa Nadeshiko…. so… maybe she is confident with her sense of humor?

She was retorted by Goto, though…. lol

Yeah… as Goto said, Joe-chan just speak out loud what come across her mind lol

SayaNana’s opening skit was such smooth and interesting!!

Sayanee got shoved by Joe….. lol

I don’t try to generalize comedy shows as a whole, but basically those variety shows produced by companies based in Tokyo are scripted.
I think it’s impossible for ordinary girls to come up with funny answers in Oogiri.
Anyway, I don’t think it’s a problem because what matters if after all, whether it’s interesting or not.

It looks like Oogiri was not scripted by they did it improvisationally.

Scripted parts are Drama and Manzai, aren’t they?

Anyway, Sayanee and Nana’s short skit at the start of the show was so funny!!

I checked through twitter…. yeah….. people, ordinary people have the same impression as us!!!

Yeah tons of people commented that the show was so interesting and funny!!

Most of them are AKB Ota, I think? But if your guess is true that their TV show is received well by general audience, then I couldn’t be happier.

Basically the same staffs of Magical Radio are working on this program. Besides they are using similar settings and scripts, so it’s naturally very much like Magical Radio.
But the biggest difference is NMB’s how has Goto, one of the most capable comedian hailed from Kyoto.

So Goto already surpassed Black Mayonnaise in terms of the inner hierarchy of Yoshimoto agency?

Because he is such a reliable retorter, he is very popular among TV companies.
I saw an article that said TV companies actually want only Goto to appear in their programs, but since Goto answers that he will accept offers only when they also hire Iwao, his partner, we still see them together in many TV shows.

LOL I didn’t know Goto is such popular….!!! Nobody speak ill of him!!!

I think Goto is the best fit for the style of this TV show.
And it is the advantage of NMB that they can enjoy strong supports from the most popular and talented comedians. Think about it, this never happens for SKE and AKB.
Yoshimoto’s comedian has been all supportive to NMB girls since their debut.

I was cracked up when Riichan said “It’s like me in the past”

LOL me too!!
I was surprised as I didn’t know Riichan can make such a witty and funny comment!!

Probably Riichan only guests the show for this episode.
Basically 5 members who won the spots in the election plus Joe are the regular members and in every episode, one (or more) member guests the show.

Geinin….. got a awful number from the beginning….

viewers ratings
Kayokyoku 6.8
Nogizaka Roman 1.1
Geinin 1.4
Ariyoshi Kyowakoku 1.0

I don’t get what you mean. What’s the point to compare viewers ratings of TV shows which are aired in different period of time?

Anyway, I think most of people don’t know even this program has started lol
And mid-night TV shows are basically not about viewers rating but about DVD sales.

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