Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru): I’m not popular with men at all, because I have a problem in my personality!!

  July 8, 2012

Shimazaki Haruka

Uhmmmm I’m full!!
Shimazaki Haruka: “Question time!! Send me your questions!!”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Fumie(played by Paruru), Saya (Minarun), Sayuri(Kaoru)
Who do you like the best?
I mean their characters in Drama not actresses who played them.”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Wha~~~~~~t!?
Why do you like Fumie??”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Because she is popular among boys?? lol”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Yeah yeah Fumie is very liked by menー”

Shimazaki Haruka “I’m envious of herー”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Wait?
Do you like how I’m like in my real life?
I’m not popular among men at all!!
Why? Because I have a problem in my personality!!”

And fans will comfort her on a comments form, as always??

So this means Pauru is also a safe choice as she is sprinkling salt to guys who are approaching her!?

Shimazaki Haruka
Sayuri lives her life in her own way. Saya can love people in a straightforward way. They are wonderful friends of Fumie.
Shimazaki Haruka: “My wish for Tanabata? I hope that many people will watch and enjoy Majisuka3.”
Shimazaki Haruka: “I know ChapuChapu. It’s Milky’s word.”

So Paruru-san is trying to prepare herself for Ota who she will meet tomorrow’s handshake event….?
It’s kinda like doping to condition herself??

Then she would be lifeless tomorrow……. (after exchanged with Ota on G+)

I think this is like warm-up before you swim. We pour water to our body before swim, right? She is like warming-up herself to get used to Ota before Handshake event….. lol

Kojiharu and Takamina are wearing totally the private same clothes

Kojima Haruna
I’m totally wearing the same private clothes with Takamina today (They are at a photo shooting session for No Sleeves)!! Only the color is different. And also among all pairs of shoes there, somewhat, both of us chose the shoes with ribbon. I was surprised. \(^o^)/

They don’t look that they are wearing the same clothes lol

This will bring enormous joy to residents of 2ch’s thread, “Keeping our eyes on love between NyanMina (: One of the very popular thread along with KojiYu and NyanMari threads to affectionately watch relationships between the two girls)” lol

And I just visited there, and found they were actually being pleased lol

So those Onee will give her the title “Coordination that make you loved by men”?
Or Kojima-san will be given “Coordination that make you look unattractive”??