SNH48 Applications Flood In!

  July 28, 2012
AKB48’s International Sister Group “SNH48” had a Flood of Applications! Even a Chinese Fan Club Already Established

Application Taking Starts!!!

26th July, 2012. The application taking for AKB48’s international sister group “SNH48” has just started. It has become much more crazy than anticipated, as reported by China News Service (中国新聞網).

The applications for the sister group, located in China’s Shanghai, started on the 12th of this month on their official site. From the first day thousands of people flooded in their applications, and even shut down the system for a short while. The age range is 16 to 22 years, but superior talents can go beyond the age limits. It was said that there has even been a 9 year old who has applied.

Because it is precisely the AKB48 that is gathering popularity in China, the people immediately developed a great interest for a home grown group. At the Chinese version of Twitter (Sina Weibo), even SNH48’s own private fan club has already been established.

With this round of applications, there will be 16 finalists who will become the first gen “S” team. They are scheduled to have training in Japan and to also have an official debut.


(Please feel free to provide more information about this group)