Surprises We Want to See At the Tokyo Dome (TD) Concert

  July 20, 2012

Do you have any ideas?

Maeda Atsuko reverses her decision to graduate.

Yomiuri Giants (baseball team whose home stadium is Tokyo Dome) is playing a game as if they were unaware (of the concert).

↑ I have to give you a good grade.

They will create JPN16.

I’m not sure if it will be 16, but I think it’s likely.

I just want them to do Reformation/Sokaku
I can’t stand seeing the present team 4 lineup…
They’d better mix Team 4 members with seniors.

48G Grand Reformation Festival

Reformation involving members who had transferred to SDN.
Let me say this,  I hope team K will revert back to the old team K.

I think reformation is impossible because it won’t be interesting if they can’t prepare new Stage setlists for the new teams.

We’d totally be taken aback if Masuda shows up and performs her part in the musical!!!

I guess they’ll do something like create more units?
On the 2nd day of the concert, ignoring agency alliances…. like,  say, with the scale of 6-8 members (to fight against Morning Musume)
With this, we will have surprises all 3 days of the TD concert.

Because the main theme of the concert is Acchan’s graduation,  I don’t think we need to have a surprise of any sort.
If they hold a replacement ceremony of the old Ace to a new Ace,
I’ll refrain myself from stating (my personal opinion about) who would be a new Ace.  lol

But since our Ace is graduating in this concert, they need to indicate something about the new system of the future AKB48.
Otherwise I don’t think this TD concert will be the mark of a good start(or else say that AKB’s one chapter will end with this TD concert)
Besides, her graduation is not on the 3rd day of TD concert but the next day at the AKB48 theater.

I guess there will be no so called “Firing”  this time.
And since it has already been decided that team 8 will be created, there’ll be plenty of spots for KKS promotion, so there’s no reason to fire members even if they are unpopular.

By the way, I agree that there will be announcements for the creation of new units or transfer, but I don’t think these things are what we call “surprise”.

↑Yup, but we probably can’t expect the surprises that will happen if it’s going to be a true surprise that we’ve never experienced before.

They will start a baseball match from 18:00
1st day: AKB48 vs HKT48/JKT48
2nd day: AKB48 vs NMB48
3rd day: AKB48 vs SKE48

Before we know it, Erepyon(Erena Ono) will join in on the stage.

The creation of the 2nd SDN lol
Members of this new team are selected from 48G members who are over 21.
The captain of this team is Mariko-sama.

↑I can’t laugh at your comment…. because sooner or later, we will probably see a similar move from management….

We’ve had enough Transfers, or concurrent positions at SSA
I’m sure that AKB and SKE, NMB, HKT Ota all think the same.

Acchan’s last remark was…
“Even if you hate AKB, please never hate me!!!” lol

They’ll announce that they’ll hold 5 big dome tours throughout next year.

Despite all of our expectations (or against all odds), fans send off Acchan by giving her high-five.
↑When will she be able to go home?

Yamamoto Sayaka to hold a concurrent position in team A.

Announcement of Yukirin and Mayuyu’s “coming out”.

They do 180 degree turn from sexy style to clean style and announce the creation of the unit called SDM “Sunday Morning 48” then start their Stage with the sound of an alarm set to 9:00AM on Sunday morning and perform their first song in pajamas.

TGSK(Togasaki): ”For a member who will hold concurrent position in team A, we will name a member of JKT48, by the name of …”

Idoling! invades AKB’s TD concert.

↑ lol I would cry!

Sadly we will see a disappointing surprise, I think.
Like, “Stage setlist shuffle” where they shuffle the Stage setlists (including past ones) of all teams while keeping the teams as they are.

They will unveil TPE48.

Announce new Stage setlists of all teams!!
Look, this surprise will make everyone happy!! 

Acchan declares that she pulls back her graduation.
Atsuko: “E~, Maeda Atsuko……. won’t graduate from AKB48! ”
Everyone else: “EEEeee(´д`)eeeEEE!?”

Miyazaki Miho to make a solo debut.

It has 80% possibility? lol

Maeda Atsuko declares that she will marry.
And announces that she is already pregnant.
And the whole TD dome will be filled with a celebratory mood.

↑ And Itano shows up carrying a wagon which has a celebration cake on it.

Mayuyu to be transferred to Nogizaka,
She is traded with Nogizaka’s center (Ikoma-tan).

↑ It’s actually likely to happen lol

Reformation after mass graduation.
Akimoto Yasushi said in the beginning of this year (in the newspaper’s column),
“I will revitalize AKB.”↓

Akimoto Yasushi will graduate.

↑ It’s also likely to happen lol
Like, he says, “I’m so tired I can’t take this anymore…(in childish tone)”

Maeda Atsuko: “When this concert finishes, I will graduate from AKB48, and starting next month I will join SKE48 ^^”

source, Translated and edited by Wingom, Chase, Ganita and Tommy