Tea Room Tane vs Fish preservea restaurant Isotarou

  July 26, 2012

So which one is more delicious?

According to Siichan, Isotaro = Sushiya

By any stretch of the imagination, it’s hard to imagine that Isotaro would lose to Tane.

I heard that when you visit the restauraut, Shiichan’s mom says Please support my daughter.

Whatever, that Lemon put beside the squid Sasimi is a decoration?

It is, I think.
Coz when I googled it, I found the lemon is on the plate in other photos…
Sea of Genkai is famous for its squid, right?
I think it’s good if they do some segment featuring these restaurants in Ariyoshi Kyowakoku.

Though I’m not Minegishi Ota, I want to go to Tane at least once,
While It’s impossible to go to Isotaro coz it’s too faraway.

Uchida’s Yakiniku restaurant.

I’ve been to Ucchi’s Yakiniku restaurant once coz it’s in my neighbour,
and I found it’s just a normal Yakiniku restaurant.

So why Ucchi’s restaurant had a sale? lol I’m sorry to ask an obvious question.

↑We only accept cash….. did they had a bad experience….?

Well, when we visit Tane, we might be able to meet some AKB members….
but Isotaro is just too faraway….. and probably you can’t meet any AKB member.
Though you might be able to Kiyoe mom….

Anyway, I don’t like when someone is trying to compare light meal at cafe and real Japanese cuisine.

Yobiko’s speciality Sashimi of Southern squid is so delicious, isn’t it?
Tempura of squid leds are also tasty~~~!!
Tane’s curry rice also looks yummy^^

How about launch special Paella that use squids from the sea of Genkai both in tea room Tane and Isotaro as one segment for a TV show?

Ikemen master whom people’ve been talking about, and Cheif Staff of tea room Tane.

Looks like they are such good parents~

Miichan’s parents are both such good-looking~

It’s also hard to ignore Uchida’s parent’s Yakiniku restaurant…..

Probably this battle is between Tane, Isotaro and Gyuoh (Ucchii’s Yakiniku restaurant), but are there any other members whose parents run restaurants?

it’s widely known that Korisu’s had run Suchi restaurant.

By the way, Isotaro is on Tabelog lol

That’s it! The only restaurant that has got star is Isotaro!!
Is the restaurant famous in Fukuoka prefecture? I could find it’s picture in Kyushu Walker!

Yeah, Yuko’s parent had run Suchi restanrant, and Haruru’s parent also run Ryokan-style hotel.

Yeah those are very famous.

While Yuko’s uncle had been sick, her dad had run the Suchi restaurant on his behalf, but after the uncle moved to Sendai, the restaurant had been closed.
After the earthquake I saw the uncle in some interview.

Sometimes I heard that Nattun’s parents run Ramen shop.

Reputation of Tane
Reputation of Isotaro

↑So only Ota left reviews for Tane…

And this blog is run by Ota, as well? lol

LOL, yeah this is not written by Ota…. this person says, “It would be nice if they are a little bit more serious about the quality of foods…”
Certainly their menu looks like something that have created by a retired white-collar worker.
But it’s curry rice and atmosphere are highly valued.

Let’s take a look at people’s review of Ucchi’s restaurants!



Though there’re some strict reviews, most people say they offer delicious menu.

It looks awesome in pictures, and people say it’s worth the price, so if I get a chance, I want to visit the restaurant.
By the way, if my memory serves me right, they also sell meat online.

Tane’s curry rice is so small….
Even large-serving one is as large as Matsuya’s medium-serving one.

While Isotaro’s a la carte menu has such a big volume!!

I’ve been to Tane once,
It’s curry rice was so delicious and the shopt has such a nice atmosphere!!

If you’re Ota, I think it will do you no harm to visit Tane.
Coz I’m Chihou Ota, I’ve been there when I was right middle in the expedition.
Especially if you’re No Sleeves Oshi.

Blog post about Isotaro by non AKB Ota.

Isotaro is expensive but it’s food has a large volume and delicious.
So they’ve won steady customers.

Exhibition corner at Tane.

Looks like Tane is for girls…

Looks like they’ve added various materials since I visited there last time lol

if you drink then you’d better go Isotaro,
if you don’t drink, then Tane is your chioce.

So as early as 1st thread we’ve reached the conclusion?

Stylish mood, relatively low price, but you can’t expect much from it’s food.
Let’s expect their future improvement

Local community-based restaurant that is favored by local residents.
Though it’s located in an inconvenient place where you can’t visit by train, it’s a highly valued restaurant among those who have taste the difference.

I don’t think Tane’s food is not that good.
It’s fine in a normal sense. Yeah, it’s just normal.

Hope I can visit Isotaro this year,
And I will shake hands with Kiyoe mom.