The Trend saying that AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka will be the Second Coming of Maeda Atsuko

  July 12, 2012

–In a survey held by Sponichi asking “Who would most suited to be center?” Shimazaki-san’s name came up quite a bit.

“I’m glad! But I’m not very talented so…”

–Even Maeda, who’s called “The Absolute Ace”, had times when she hated singing by herself in front of everyone.
“The staffs here tell me a lot, ‘There are parts of you that are just like her’
But I still can’t surpass Maeda-san just yet.”

–What do you think is great about Maeda?
“She really can do anything. Because she’s just that kind of person. I think she’s always getting better too.”

Shimazaki-san, you can sing and act too can’t you?
“No, I can’t! Please stop!”

TogasakiTomonobu , the manager of the AKB48 theater, had this to say, “Truthfully, Shimazaki is very interesting. Generally she can’t express herself very well and that about her is similar to Maeda. If I were to sum her up in a few words I’d say she has a cat-like personality to contrast with the dog-like personality of Oshima Yuko.”

Mr. Togasaki has stated his personal opinion that “The next center will be someone from the 9th generation or beyond.”
Shimazaki, being a 9th generation member, falls into that candidacy.
“It’s not that Mr. Akimoto declared her as an ‘Ace Candidate’, but he has hopes for her. I want to observe how far she’ll grow and see how she’ll rank in the next election.” he revealed.


As her being my Oshi, I do see similar qualities in her to Acchan, but I don’t think that those will mean that she’ll be the next center.
Post-Acchan ≠ Recognition of Next Center.
It also feels like the actual person in question is supporting and following Mayuyu as the next center.

This is like campaign for Yokoyama last year, right?
Like, I want Shimazaki to get into the top 12 in the near future.
Next the people around Mitsumune (Kaoru) will get even more support than what they currently are.
It will only be about the 13th gen Oshima and the people around her starting to get a big push.
They would go with Mayuyu and Jurina for the top 2 centers for the natural course of events.

Well, I think you’re right.
They should raise as many junior members as possible, for when some of the original members graduate.
I think because it would be a good thing if there were people opposing Mayuyu and Jurina for the center position.
I also have the impression that the management is rushing the pushes because
they didn’t raise the same generation member as Mayuyu that can gain votes through a fierce rivalry against Mayuyu.

“Because they have similar characteristics, she’ll be the second Acchan,” I’m fine with Ota proudly saying that.
But so then, who the next center is will be greatly mistaken.
Akimoto Yasushi hates rehashes, so he wouldn’t choose her just because they have similarities.
Or rather, it would be the worst thing to cause her to drop as a prospect if she had similarities.
What Akimoto is declaring with his talk of center candidates is like how he wrote it on Google+ that “it’s Milky, don’t you think?”

But I don’t know where that Milky’s story came from, I want to see the source.

In an extract from what Akimoto wrote on the 25th of March on Google+, right after the announcement of Milky joining AKB48 and being in 2 groups concurrently.
He didn’t write “AKB’s” but it was clearly obvious from the context that he was aiming to have her as the center of HQ. She has already become the center of NMB since Zettai Kurokami Shojo.

Miyuki had always torn between confidence and uneasiness.
She always confirm her position whenever she work on new songs or Gravures.

“For Miyuki, she has been going back and forth between being confident and not confident. She always asks her manager where she should stand before any video or photo shoot. When Yamamoto Sayaka of AKB made it into the selections and she didn’t, she came to me crying and asked me “Why was it not me?”. As one of the top 2 stars of NMB, and possibly a center position member in the future, I want her to learn the charismatic attitude of Kashiwagi and Mayu.”

Regardless of whether or not it’s true, when Yasusu finds his Oshi, he says “I found this girl!!” and explicitly starts mentioning this his Oshi.

Yasusu somehow tend to keep distance from Paruru.
It seems like he gives push to Paruru because of advice from management or agencies?
I kinda feel that he has much more personal affection to Jurina or Joe-chan more than Paruru.

What had long been said about is because of her unimpressive response to fans at handshake events, her fan base is only limited to mindless devotees.
The reason she is struggling to achieve a good result in the election is because she can’t gain light fans.Probably Paruru can only stack up to middle-class Senbatsu members at the best.

It’s not only about Shimazaki but it’s necessary for the future of AKB48 to promote members who have potential to become popular,
but the thing is there are not few elements that we can enjoy Paruru.
The only thing I can think of is…. teasing her by calling her Ponkotsu? But that’s all. We still don’t share any deep episode about her and she is not a kind of person who dare to do things in an unexpected way….

I think it ultimately comes down to our individual preferences.
As Paruru Oshi, I can say she has deep episodes and can do things in an unexpected way.
But because her career as an idol is still short, maybe there haven’t been sufficient dramatic episodes yet?

It will be good for Paruru if she improved her physical strength.
She sometimes looks exhausted in the last portion of theater performance
At handshake events, she also soon runs out of stamina and starts sprinkling salts.
What is required to be Center included enormous stamina. She can’t just be a decoration.

They want to make her one of Chou-Senbtasu in the future AKB48,
So they don’t see her as a fixed center like Acchan.
Maybe they will abandon “fixed center” system from around this fall?

↑I think now she in on that stage.
After trying various things, if she unexpectedly start revealing enormous talent, they may use her as Center,
But at least until Majisuka finishes, they are marketing her with hype, though I think she has been a bit overly hyped….
Anyway, now they want to fill this huge gap between Paruru and top young members like Mayuyu, Jurina, I think.

Seriously? Is there such trend??
She is absolutely not a type of girl who is cut out for Center!!

By the way I don’t know whether or not I can call this a trend, but it’s more like media like Sponichi, which has a firm connection with management, that spread this word “Post-Acchan” than Ota started using the word.

Paruru is rubbish when compared to Acchan.
Don’t you think she is more like a Hetare?
Like Sashihara, she doesn’t stand out. I feel that she is a plain Hetare.

Paruru is a type of girl who doesn’t have anyone who cares about her in class, isn’t she.
No one feels her presence, and people can’t feel any gumption from her….
And there was her remark that she is alone in the dressing room when she is with other team 4 members.
So I understand she is not good at communicating with people, but the only thing that I’m concern about is her stinging word toward other people….
Maybe she is not cut out for living in the society….
If only she has nice senior members who teach and help her improve the personality.

To put it in good words, Paruru has a huge potential.
Its thanks to Maeda that Cho-senbatsu has became phenomenally popular.
This is because at that time Maeda wasn’t an absolute ace. She wasn’t the absolute center, as well.
Maeda has gradually become Center as AKB48 has been gaining it’s fame.

If she has a talent that makes her catch up to her from now, the organization may not need her.
Rather, they should market her as a solo.
So it’s just nonsense to compare Maeda and Shimazaki in the context of organization.

Maeda was 14 when she was first selected for Center.
Paruru is almost 19.
In that case someone like Renacchi are stronger candidates.
Maybe its because of the lack of motivation, is why she cant be ahead of Paruru.

From watching how she is depicted in Majisuka Gakuen 3, we understand the degree of expectations when it comes to Shimazaki.

source, Translated and edited by Wingom, Edo-san and Tommy