There is no 美少女(Bishojo) that is more translucent than Hata Sawako

  July 27, 2012

Yeah, but she is at the age that she can’t be called Shojo(少女: a little girl) ….

She kinda looks like Rena in the first photo….?

Her serious face when she was playing Zynga was so attractive, but she looked scary when she was in the car… (Raia Game in Shukan AKB 2012.7.20)

I agree that she is such a beautiful woman but you should also consider her age….. Even then she may not like to be called Bishojo….

She is not Shojo but a woman.

She is certainly beautiful but she isn’t Shojo.

I think she has become even more beautiful lately.

Sawako is a forever girl ^ω^
But sometimes I feel she is a woman at handshake event…. and that makes her even more captivating….

When she is forced to say something funny all of sudden, she somehow completes it, and I think that shows her Kansai-jin spirit.

LOL The straw hat suits her too much.

Actually I haven’t seen a person who suits a straw hat that much since ルフィ (luffy).

At times she looks like Yamane of Ann Girls and other times she looks stunningly beautiful.

Her sudden character change has captured my heart but I don’t think that there are many people who will become a fan of her because of it.

Though we say she is translucent, we know little about her private life. Both her blog and her Gugutasu are shrouded in mystery.

I first saw her in this video “Hata Sawako talks about Techno music passionately”.
I immediately fell love in with her as she handsomely continued talking despite the other members and the announcer feeling confused as to what she was talking about.
She was talking about Kraftwork so casually despite it was being such middle-aged-men magnet.

Sawako wearing a straw hat.

↑ This magazine has become our family’s heirloom lol

Sawako and shaved ice.

And actually she is one of the sweet “born-in-88” members.

Kyururun (Kohara Haruka)

Sawako-san is more photogenic when she is poised than when she is smiling.

If Sawako were to speak a genuine Kansai-dialect, I don’t think she would have become that popular…

↑Yeah, a noble character that speaks Osaka-dialect is too niche,
but if it’s elegant Kyoto-dialect, it might make her a national figure lol

Photograph-wise, I like her photos during her early days.
That photo she attached to mobile email where she is lying on Tatami made my mind melt.
It’s been awhile since I last saw that kind of photo…

Even her name Sawako has such a noble sound….

She is too translucent that she is often emulating Takarazuka lately… lol

↑ I favorably accept your view lol

Recently I’ve been in experiencing a severe shortage of Sawako….