What wrong with those dudes who come up at Handshake event in awful clothes!?

  July 11, 2012

Even if you don’t know how to dress, at least you can keep a good hygiene!!
*Tokkoufuku!!?? It’s out of question!!
(*type of long jacket worn by bousouzoku biker gangs)

One word more, and I will hit you!! Don’t dis Churi-san!!

Actually everyone tried their best!!
Don’t blame on their poor taste!!

If they wash them regularly, I think Tokkoufuku can be also very clean, too.

Somehow so many Ota hate on Tokkoufuku too much,
Have you guys been extorted of money by them or something?

Because most of those who wear Tokkoufuku are nasty!!

Members are friendly to them on the surface but I think they don’t feel genuinely happy with them.

I asked Myao about her impression on Tokkoufuku.
She said “It’s cool.”
By the way, I was in a plain clothes then…

↑ LOL Don’t take it seriously.

Unacceptable thing about men

Jurina: “lack of hygiene”

Mariko said she likes when guys are empty-handed. But I think it doesn’t look cool when our hip pockets are swollen with wallets and smart phones….

Anyway, it’s no one but himself who lose because of his wardrobe choice.

But think about it…. those guys spend those money that are supposed to be used for laundry or clothing for tickets of handshake events…. If you see them in this way, maybe they are the most awesome Ota that we should respect??

I don’t care if someone dressed up in a really fine clothes, but even so, he/she can only spend several seconds with each member, and that makes me have a mixed feeling….

I don’t care what kind of cloths they wear as long as they don’t cause troubles and bother other fans.
Those who complain about looks of Ota are typically a type of person who tend to bother other fans by their selfish behaviors.

I think if you are wearing glasses, you can change it to contact lenses, if you are fat, then you can exercise or improve your dietary habit.

If you are ugly, then you can care about your clothes and hygiene so that at least you can have an air of an attractive man.

I feel bad when I see young members who are trying to be friendly to those gangster wanna-be dudes who have really nasty faces.

Even though they are nasty, if they are very loyal fans of her, I think she truly feel grateful to them.

Please share pictures of those nerds at handshake events.

Okay now I completely understand. Their fashion is gross….

LOL She is absolutely cute! I was expecting more interesting pictures!!

I think Tokkoufuku is okay as long as they don’t cause any trouble to others.
And actually they bring me a funny moment every time.
But, because there are people who come to handshake events with their families, so probably it bothers parents with little children…

Because I’m handsome in any clothes, I feel no hesitation to dress in my Oshi’s Seitansai T-shirts and meet her.

Mariko-sama’s Seitansai T-shirts:
Seitansai is basically organized by Ota under supervision of AKB theater, and each member’s Ota organize committee for Sentaisai about 2-3 months before the event. These Seitansai T-shirts (and other goods and flowers, cyalumes) are prepared (designed or ordered) by members of Seitansai committee.

Military uniform.

↑ Amina will  go crazy.

Yeah yeah, even though you’re typical OTAKU, you must dress in decent clothes when you meet members in person.
Especially if it’s Kobatsu handshake event, members also took time to choose their clothes in order to please their Ota.
How selfish people they are!!

There’re many Ota who say they don’t know how to dress properly, but I think you should spend money to learn fashion when you are still young. It will help you live smoothly in the society.

Anyway, I’m not here trying to say “Spend tons of money for clothes!!”
I mean, you’d better dress neatly so that you don’t give an bad impression.
Brand-new Uniqlo is better than 10 year-old clothes by high fashion brands.

At least you can stop wearing that awful Anime T-shirts.