Paruru and Team 4 Members Shed Tears as They Sing Boku no Taiyo

  August 29, 2012
Okada Takashi 8/26

Tokyo Dome – day two

Team 4 Boku no Taiyo

As many of fans who were at TOKYO dome on the second day tweeted about this, during the song performance of team4’s “Boku no Taiyo”, Shimazaki Haruka’s weeping face was projected in the huge stadium display.

We can’t tell the true reason why she cried, but it probably has something to do with the announcement of team 4’s breakup, which was revealed on the first day. Perhaps, as she sang team 4’s representative song, the thought that in the near future, she will no longer perform this song with the teammates at AKB48 theater, brought tears.

Prior to Paruru, I spotted Iwata Karen-chan’s tears. And, many members of team 4 were shedding tears as well.
She confessed her thoughts on G+ yesterday, but perhaps it’s not only her. Their sentimental and bittersweet feelings on cruel reality were conveyed, being shared with each other through the song performance.

Togasaki Tomonobu 8/25 18:20

Brilliant facial expressions of everyone.


Togasaki Tomonobu 8/25 18:22

Boku no Taiyo




All this is just because she is not good at expressing her emotion. Actually, Paruru is a very nice, caring girl.