Sashihara Rino “The 5 are trying to move forward. We have no leisure to stop, too.”

  August 18, 2012

Sashihara Rino 8/18 8:31 PM

Everyone, I am sorry for making all of you worry. I had a talk with the captain. Though the time we’ve spent together is very short, she trusted me and talked about a lot of things with me.
However, I believe that the only ones who can understand their true feelings are none other than themselves, so I don’t want to talk about things based on my own selfish speculation.
The five girls are trying to move forward. And it makes me convinced even more so that we, the rest of the members, have no leisure to stop. I’ll do my best.

Sashiko conveyed her thoughts, what’s going on around her to fans in a proper manner…
Thanks to that, I feel more relieved now.

Sashiko is already looking at the future!
Why don’t we also try our best to support HKT and Sashiko!

↑That’s it.

As far as I can see from this post, she doesn’t know what actually happened to the 4 members and Uitan.

Even though she carefully chose “safe” words,
I am glad she posted on G+ about the situation of HKT which all of her fans and HKT fans want to know about.
We’ll just keep supporting her(´□`)

But the fact that she wrote nothing about Komori’s (deleted) post is understandable.
But I don’t want Sashihara to be branded as a traitor (based on speculations of some people, stemming from Komori’s post)

She trusts me and talked about a lot of things with me.”
This part is really (severe?) dangerous

↑Whatever, she talked about Komori, perhaps.
Or Yuukosu? But even so, it’s not something we can say is bad.
It’s the captain who talked about a lot of things to Sashiko, and if she talked about her own worries then there’s even less wrong with that.
Or if it’s about the 5 members, then probably she talked with Sassy after management had already decided what to do with them, and as she wrote “The only ones who can understand their true feelings are none other than themselves” but they are “trying to move forward,” that talk was most likely about the future (of the five members who resigned and the remaining members’).

Only Sassy’s hater on Hayabusa (*a section of 2ch where a lot of AKB haters hang out) is saying that she is a betrayer. LOL

Well, it looks like the girls (Uitan, Yuukosu and Natsu) consulted Sashiko when the management’s judgement on 4 members have already been determined.

And as she could confirm that the girls are already looking towards their future, she then started to think about how to keep HKT48 moving on with the remaining members, I think.
Because according to the tone of her writing on that Google+ post, it looks like she was consulted by members about what they’re going to do hereafter.