Tano Yuka 8/24 9:49 PM

When Tomu’s name was announced, my crying face was displayed in the stadium display(^^)
Reminded me of Sousenkyo….

I feel frustrated as we heard this announcement when we’re thinking to change and improve team 4.

But I gotta be positive.
I will be Tano Yuka as a member of team A.

Things about Tano Yuka will never change!
The team I belong to will change, but I don’t want to change the way I am.


Muto Tomu 8/24 9:50 PM

Oh you forgot to mention my promotion! Damn!
Yuka, let’s move forward together(^^)
Tano Yuka 8/24 9:51 PM

SO sorry about that, Congratz, Tomu. Yeah, I will move forward, too^^
Tano Yuka 8/24 9:53 PM

Please follow the rest of team 4’s activities until it’s end! I’m looking forward to the tour, too!!
Tano Yuka 8/24 9:55 PM

I’ll move on, non-stop!!

Shimada Haruka 8/24 10:58 PM

I love team 4.
I love the members of team 4.
team 4 will break up but it’s not because it’s our goal but it’s our “Start”.

Akimoto-sensei, Takamina-san, and Yuko-san’s words are going through my head.

I just need to say….

I will not give up.

Nakamura Mariko 8/24 11:01 PM

Me, too (love team 4).

While everyone is making fuss, Pre-Order of 28th Single has secretly? started lol -This time, it’s “Cool” AKB!!

Kitahara Rie 8/24 10:54 PM

The first day of “TOKYO DOME” is over!!

The view I saw when the doors to the stage opened was overwhelming.
“TOKYO DOME” looked so different from what it was when the audience was empty during our rehearsals…I was emotional from the very beginning.

Again, I would like express my gratitude to everyone who helped building AKB into what it is today.

I was humbled as I was watching the senior members performed and felt happy from the bottom of my heart to have followed them and walked the distance with them.


Kitahara Rie 8/24 11:36 PM

Today, we had Group Reshuffle.

It is the second time the AKB teams have been shuffled, but I am sure it was shocking for the members who are experiencing it for the first time…
Let us go on with a positive attitude!

Now, I have become concurrent in both Team K and SKE48.
Hmm, it really sinks in when you write it down in words.
I still have not fully grasped the situation, but once I do, I’ll write a blog about it.

I am not sure what is going on with my status, but there were many other news that came as a bigger surprise.

However, I figured, no matter where we go, we’ll always be a part of the 48 group.


Chikano Rina 8/24 11:22 PM

After he announced, “Chikano Rina, team K!”
I walked over to the new Team K.
I nearly cried when Yuko hugged me and said “Welcome back!!”.
Actually, I shed tears. lol


Kimoto Kanon 8/24 10:13 PM

I was surprised at the transfer of (Ishida) Anna-san and Kitarie-san. This is all I can say for now.



There’s one thing I gotta say…. “Team B without Mayuyu? How can one say it’s still team B??”

Anata ha Kyoude Kojiharu-Oshi Hola team B~
Anata ha Kyoude NyanNyan-Oshi Hola team B~

By the way, Komori Mika and Kojima Haruna will be in the same team, B~~~~!! Hooooooray!!!!! Congrats, Komorin!!

Nagao Mariya 8/24 9:30

I’ll be in team K!! I just gotta give it everything I’ve got. Photo by Shimada lol



Paruru’s G+ post is…. very simple as always.

Shimazaki Haruka 8/24 9:17 PM

Shimazaki Haruka has become (a member of) team B from team 4.


Nakagawa Haruka 8/24 11:35 PM

I’m not alone!!!

Everyone is with me!
Please be with me as always!!!!

I’ll take a step forward with your support!!!!

I have to study the Indonesian language♪
Oh! My hairstyle today is a heart shape that shows you my love♪

We’ll do our best so that we can give you an amazing concert for the next two days!!

Good night!!


Sasaki Yukari 8/24 10:15 PM

I have no idea what to do (;_;) No idea what I’ll be like (;_;) But, I believe in myself, I will head for my dream with full energy!
Sasaki Yukari 8/24 10:20 PM

I’ll give my everything to the theater Stage on 30th.
Sasaki Yukari 8/24 10:30 PM

I’m really feeling upset….

Yukarun, Hilary, Saeed, Miyupon.. Now They are the only members who haven’t yet promoted, while Kaoru and Ryoka will be in team K

Maeda Atsuko and former SDN members at the backstage of TD concert in “Aitakatta” costumes

Suzuki Shihori 8/24 9:16 PM