Again… My girl Rena is separated from Senbatsu Members of AKB48 & Sashiko practices Pantomime!?

  September 13, 2012

Shinoda-san, thank you so much!! (・ω・)

↑ …… Please….. is this a photo collage? Come on, this is a photo collage, right??? Please! Tell me this is a photo collage—–!!!!

I actually could easily predict someone will start a thread with this topic…. lol

In the 3rd photo, it looks like she is looking at the camera….??

This relieved me so much as it looks like she totally doesn’t look like a type of girl who is invited by AKB members to join Gokon together.

If she were not an “loner” type of girl, I think I would not support her as much as I do now….

Seriously… I can’t stop crying….

Orz… Renatamu……

Man…. the longer I look at these pictures, the harder tears flowing out from my eyes…..

Hey, members of Bocchi-kai (Living alone club: Acchan, Harusan and Akicha)!

Look at this! This is the real Bocchi master!!

Actually being unable to communicate with AKB48 members well is just giving a good name to her at this time…

It’s weird that I feel so relieved when she is alone in AKB48….

At this point, Rena being alone in AKB48 is one of the biggest reason I love her…

If only Paruru was there….

I think there’s someone in front of her in the third picture….?

Please! Someone please hug her to relieve her loneliness!!

Of course I’m asking girls!!



It’s impossible to regard this as a kind of her new gag or something….

Is she practicing…… Pa…. Pantomime!?!?

man, she is damn cute!!!

Things Sassy is poor at.

1. Saying things that are girly and cute.

2. Kissing face

↑ And she understands that we are expecting her awkward face when she does these things, and always live up to our expectations.

That’s what’s great about Sashihara ^^

It’s so nice to see her shy but she still has a really cute face as she is forcibly made to do things she is poor at.