AKB48 28th Single “UZA” don’t you think this is gonna be one of our Godly AKB Songs?

  September 20, 2012

I can’t imagine this song WON’T be hit.

Oh…. oh yeah…

So the interlude of this song will be the same length in the recording version?

I can definitely say this song is the most powerful, the most awesome dance tune ever played by idols!!!

After all, Yoshimasa always does fantastic job!

This time, most of Senbatsu members can dance unlike usual Senbatsu of AKB48.

I don’t think it’s a bad song, but it lacks so called Originality. Which means the tune of this song hardly remains in my head.
There’re tons of similar songs in the same genre from K-pop, or other Japanese music acts.

Dude, don’t mind! This is the song they can proudly perform in in more hardcore music TV shows like MTV!!

Uhmm It lacks impact….
Unlike the past singles, it’s not catchy, either.

RIVER and Beginner make us high and exhilarated, so they sure contributed to grab tons of new fans.
On the contrary, UZA lacks a sort of climax or hook. It hardly remains in my head, so far.

Oshima, Jurina and YAMAMOTO SAYAKA!! They were so cool in the performance!
The 2nd Chapter of AKB won’t start without drastic change!!
In that sense, UZA is the ideal song to kick start the new era of AKB48!!

No fail whatsoever when it’s composed by Yoshimasa.
But will they be able to perform this song at theaters?
Looks like some members who are confident of dance, Tano, Aigasa, are eager to perform this song.

If only Tanochan is over 18, so that she would be given a chance to perform this song as Under in TV shows…

I love it’s Lyrics except English part.
Somehow it made me want to cry…

I think the concept of AKB’s Fall single is to “Push AKB 48 group to their limit with full energy”.
So, in that sense, what do you think about this song?

Their dance looked like they are giving it everything.
Though there were obviously some who couldn’t keep on beat.

By the way, Sakuratan and Milky are both fantastic dancers, but people judge them by their looks and say they don’t match the image of this song…. ToT

So they release this “Controversial” song right after Maeda Atsuko’s graduation. The title of the song is already controversial. That’s what expected of AKB’s nasty management.
This kind of serious songs can be composed only by Yoshimasa.
If the lyrics were good, too, then it would be perfect, but that’s to be expected, too LOL

I think this is a nice song except “UZA”.

Personally I love this one!
Yuko’s dancing made me so high!
Unexpectedly, Mayuyu didn’t look awkward when she kept a serious facial expression throughout the song.

I’m also curious about who will play Under for stars from SKE and NMB.
Jurinia, Syanee, these star members are ridiculously busy so junior members will surely have a chance!!

This is the best thing ever for me, who like songs like RIVER, Beginner and Kaze ha Fuiteiru.
But I wanted to watch members dancing more instead of dance by male dancers…

Kobayashi Yoshinori

And what I love about this song is,
They selected Yamamoto Sayaka and Miyawaki Sakura
in this new Senbatsu members.

Sure, if it’s Sayanee, she can perfectly nail this choreography.

I want to say thank you to the guy who started this thread.
Yesterday, it was almost impossible to talk about this song in a clam manner…

Kojiharu’s dancing was also decently nice.
She moves so smoothly, and that’s what I like about her.
Though she couldn’t keep on the rhythm in the last portion…

Personally I like this song, but probably not received well by AKB Ota???
And…. I think this song won’t be popular among kids who loves AKB’s cute choreo LOL

↑On the contrary, as AKB Ota, I think AKB needs this type of song regularly in order to set a goal for members, and appeal to wider audiences.
And last of all, it makes us high!!!

Sure. I’s more like a song for non AKB Ota.
Maybe their target is Westerners?

The song is exhilarating from the intro,
but I can understand this is Hit or Fail type of song.

If this song had more decent title, I would have more favorable impression.
But yeah, it’s intro remains in my head.

Members who are confident of dancing reacted like these.

Tano Yuka 22:07

Man, I can’t want to dance UZA, the song that has the hardest choreo in all AKB songs!!

Aigasa Moe 23:56

The new song UZA was also super cool,
I love it~!!♥
Kinoshita Yukiko 21:21


By the way,
AKB-san’s new song,

it’s too cool.

I wanna dance it!!!

Saito Makiko 21:09

I’m jealous….

UZA….. I want to dance this song….


↑ The dancer in them stared to stir when they watched the song LOL
I love their reactions!!

I want to listen to this song in more decent audio quality.
I went to Budo-Kan but probably because of reflection, somehow vocal sound was far louder than background sound.
So I had an impression that they were out of balance.

The first reaction for “GIngham Check” was similar to the one for “UZA”. We were like “Whoa?” “Hell! Crap~!!”
But as we listen to it again and again, we’ve gotten used to it.

The more it come up in conversations among Ota, the more they can consider it’s success.
My impression is…. “After all, Anything will happen if it’s AKB.”

It’s not a song that will be the ever green idol song, but it’s nice to have this type of songs as a spice.
Because they will release sweet idol tune for the Janken single, UZA, together with 27th and 29th single will make a good balance.

It’s diversification.
We won’t get bored when we can enjoy hardcore dance tune that features Itano or Jurina, right after we enjoyed cute Rena and Kashiwagi in “Gingham Check”.
And I think it’s good to sometimes make top members to challenge this hard choreography when they have established their positions in this business.

I guess, there will be many of new fans from UZA, and Anti UZA among existing AKB Ota.

And that’s what AKB48 is all about.
AKB48 will end when everybody doesn’t even bother to discuss and share their opinions.

The more controversial this song will become, the more we can say management succeeded to betray your expectation.
And that’s their aim.

I love how they aren’t afraid to take on risky challenge.
If they would do usual idol tune, AKB will surely go decline.

How versatile Yoshimasa’s talent is! He wrote UZA right after Do Re Mi Fa Onchi.

Somehow, this is why I love to be in AKB fandom.
I love to talk with people who have different opinions, in this case, with those who say “How come you can even like this song?”

If everyone unanimously would say “Oh yeah, it’s nice. It’s decently nice.” it would be the most boring.
After all, fandom need to have healthy conflict.

The only thing I’m disappointed with is it’s lyrics.

AKB’s fall songs have been not just being cool but have heavy, grave lyrics that pierce through our hearts.

RIVER→Beginner→KazeFuki, then UZA….
That’s the only disappointment I got from this song.
The song itself is cool for sure.