AKB48 Nakagawa Haruka's First Pitch for the Baseball game was Strike, No Bounce, Outstanding!!

  September 29, 2012

On 28th, AKB48 member Nakagawa Haruka threw a first pitch for the NPB's baseball game Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers as announced several days ago.

Nakagawa Haruka 9/28 17:38

It will start soon…

I've got tense…
But fortunately it's sunny! I will give it my best try!

Putting on a baseball cap, I'm ready!!


Oota Aika  

ふぁいてぃん! Harukagon!! Why don't you play with me! I can't wait anymore! LOL

Nakagawa Haruka 9/28 18:35

It finished!!!!

I could throw the pitch so fine!

I could pitch a strike!!
I could wear the uniform,
I could stand on the ground of Jingu stadium,
I could have such a happy experience♪

Staffs at Anta Dare, thank you so much.

Nishiyama Kyoko 9/28 17:55

It was an wonderful pitch, as expected of Haruka-san\(^o^)/

Uniform number 48, fantastic no bounce pitch!!

That was really a nice pitch(^_^)b

The real Umpire judged it a strike?

Nakagawa Haruka 9/28 18:05

Thank you so much!

It was so much fun!

Takenaka Yudai 9/28 18:12


Nakagawa-san threw a great pitch. No bounce, and strike!! Which means…?




  1. lol Gon-chan is such a great piitcher, awhile ago she also did a perfect pitch on shuukan AKB 😀

  2. yahyajani says:

    a lot of indonesian fans will be love you harusan…