Ariyoshi SKE Kyowakoku

 Ariyoshi: “Welcome to today’s show. This is Ariyoshi SKE Kyowakoku”

Ariyoshi: “They look soooo fresh~”

Kojiharu: “Who the hell is this skinny girl sitting next  to you!?”

Kojiharu: “You must be a little plump in order to sit next to Ariyoshi-san!!!!”

Kojiharu: “And what wrong with those gross girls who look like wing tips!!”

Kojiharu: “Skinny girl!! Get away from there!”

Rena: “Why don’t we battle against each other  for this TV show?”

Rena: “If AKB-san win, I’ll return this show to you.”

Rena: “If we win, this program will continue as Ariyoshi SKE Kyowakoku!!”

Kojiharu: “Girls!! Come over here!”

“Team AKB48!!!”

“Team SKE48!!!”

“This is the battle between AKB and SKE where they gambled for the ownership of the TV show!!”

“Hip Shaking pedometer relay!”

Rena: “Because we don’t have any regular TV show in Kanto region, I want to try my best for this battle!”

Kojiharu: “Mayuchan!! Do it more seriously!!”

“Answer in Sexy Voice!! Quiz battle!!”

Takayanagi Akane: “Cherry♥”

Mayuyu: “Cherry♥♥♥♥”

Rena: “Bolt♥”

Kaoru: “Bolt♥”

Kojiharu: “NyanNyan♥”

Suda Akari: “NyanNyan♥♥”

Ogiso Shiori: “Cochin♥


Minegishi: “Gari”



“AKB team Wins!!!!”

Da~Su~: “I didn’t imagine that shaking my hips would be this  exhausting!!”

I love Gomatan’s husky voice as always~

Rena kindly supported Gomatan!!

Rena: “The voice of this girl, who is in charge of Sexiness in SKE, is not due to a sore throat. (But rather, it is her natural voice)

They left Gomachan til the final round and when everybody was expecting her sexy silky voice….. LOL
I think it was a really nice direction from the staffs of the show!!

Haha it was actually proven that the member who is in charge of Sexiness in SKE is Rena.

Takeda Ryuta 2:51am 9/5

Takeda Ryuta 2:51am 9/5


Next week, the battle between AKB and SKE will come to an end!!
Though I can’t tell what it will be like, no matter how many times I watch the footage, I can’t stop shedding tears.
Please looking forward to the next episode!!

I can’t believe this program will end….

TBS TV publicity department

(Skip) TV show “En-Katsu” will move to the time slot which starts from 1:55 (midnight) on every Tuesday from Oct 9!!

fan: Will Ariyoshi Kyowakoku will end? Or move to the other time slot?

TBS: I’m so sorry….

TBS: Precisely speaking, there’s no description regarding Ariyoshi Kyowakyoku. But sure, “En-Katsu” will take over the time slot of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku from Oct 9….

“Noro Zumo!!”


Geinin→S女(DMM)→Ariyoshi….. I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 groups!!
Tuesday is the happiest day for Ota living in Kanto region!!

Anyway, when they make gross TV shows featuring Ariyoshi and idols, it will always become hit!!

Translated by Tommy