Akicha and Harugon studying Indonesian diligently (and AKB to XX’s Asian Special in Jakarta!!)

  September 1, 2012


Footage from a cafe event at Singapore 2012.03.03
Ayana – Japanese
Fei – English
Rena – English
Sonya- Chinese
Stela – English

Wait…. this time, 2 Japanese who can only speak Japanese will join JKT48….. Will they be able to survive in South East Asia!?

Rena, Ayana and Diasta can speak Japanese.
In addition, there’s a Japanese translator who helped a Japanese dance instructor who taught JKT48, so they’ll be alright!
Probably JKT members can understand very simple Japanese, too,
Because I always leave comments in Romaji Japanese on JKT members G+ posts, and sometimes, very rarely, they reply to me in broken Japanese.

Uhmmm you should say Rena is a Japanese rather than she is an Indonesian who can speak Japanese…

Sometimes Rena-chan speaks a bit weird Japanese, though lol

Probably Rena’s language skills are something like this.

English > Japanese >>>>>>>>>>>> Indonesian

Anyway, both are studying Indonesian so hard together, so they will surely be able to communicate with JKT member and their fans!! What matters is their hearts, and their attitude is conveyed to Indonesians hearts, i think.

Takajo Aki 8/28

I’m reading this text thoroughly.

 Book title “Indonesian Language from Zero to fluency”

Hirata Rina 8/28 14:46

I wish you the best luck. I respect you \(//∇//)\
Nakagawa Haruka 0:05 9/2

Before I go to bed, I study Indonesian~~ It’s difficult but I gotta learn it!
Today, I studied with Akicha, again, in between the filming session! It’s fun to learn Indonesian!!


Hey guys! KONSER SUPER DAHSYAT has started!!!!!!