Alone in Yakitori Restaurant Shinoda Mariko and one more about Kawaei Rina

  September 28, 2012

Though it's belated to pick up this news which came up one month ago…

Text below Kawaei Rina's photo

【Uncut pages】
Will there be any upset in AKB48 Sousenkyo in 2013?

Looks like photoshopped….

No it's real one!

Kawaei Rina 1:21 9/1

Today I joined photo shootヽ(´ー`)ノ
Tomorrow, montly magazine Heroes will go on sale!!

Good night(゜-゜)


Editors at Heroes are serious Kawaei Rina Oshi.
I'm sure they will set up the election campaign office for Kawaei Rina for the next year's Sousenkyo.

One month later….

And yeah!!  they launched the campaign HQ….!!!

※You can watch a video of Kawaei Rina from the link.

Brief summary of the video
Kawaei invited to Heroes's office, and told about what she will do for the next issue of Heroes.
Heroes: “You will have a talk with one bigshot face-to-face.”
Kawaei was told who she will have a talk.
Kawaei: “What! No…. no… it's impossible….”

Uhmm so who will she talk with…???


Shinoda Mariko 9/25 20:07

So many people guessed correctly LOL You really know what kind of person I am, as expected of you ( *//`ω´//)  Yeah, I was enjoying Alone in Yakitori Restaurant♪ Tsukune and leg meat♪ I finished eating in a flash and went back home( *`ω´) Coz I finished dinner so early today, I will be able to do training a lot♪



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