Did Mayuyu just say “Cherry” in a sexy voice!!? (and 3 more about Sassy, Kuumin and Churi)

  September 5, 2012

LOL I couldn’t imagine Mayuyu was chosen to say this word….
It’s really nice to see Sexy Mayuyu sometimes.

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From Katayama Haruka’s blog

Look at the second photo…..

Sashihara lol

Sashiklo, don’t stare at me!! LOL

Why she has such a grave face when they are trying to take this girly photo???



I love Kuusan….. ///∀//

Kanyo~n Kawakawakawakawakawa~♥

I can’t believe the fact that these girls are Komimi and Nantene in Majisuka3…..


(Whoa!? What a bothersome girl she is….)

Seriously, Churi suddenly starts topics that no one can’t help but be taken aback….

Maybe this is like “I love Camera!! I have a strong attachment to my camera….. WOw I’m so cool…..!!”
I don’t know why, but if it’s Churi, I can go easy on this somewhat annoying narcissism…..

Churi is so Kawaii^^