Did you see Matsui Rena's butt? and 2 more about Kitagawa Kenji and UZA

  September 24, 2012

This Kitagawa is the person who was scolded by Yasusu because when he accompanied Maeda Atsuko to Hong Kong, the quality of his photo was terrible?

Kitagawa Kenji 3/27

We departured(^з^)-☆

From Maeda Atsuko


1st. Kitagawa Kenji – NMB48

I can’t tell which is the title of the song LOL

Kitagawa Kenji is….

・His father is CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, Kitagawa Naoki.

・He is the president of North River inc. He is the person in charge of AKB’s video visual.

・North River is the copyright holder of all songs by Nogizaka46 (Because Nogizaka is under SME)

・You can see his name in the ending credits of Majisuka Gakuen 3

※Making Producer: Kitagawa Kenji

So Yokoyama is in the 4th spot in NMB48 after Yamamoto Sayaka, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamada Nana…


I LOL’d.

Golden Bombers! Thank you so much!!!

LOL Furukawa-pro….. She’s played Bio Hazard too much!



Phew…. UZA left no impression as I was shocked by Kitagawa Kenji so much….

The same is true for Sashihara & ANRIRE….

I can’t stop crying because Milky (Watanabe Miyuki)’s dancing is sooo sexy and smooth…

Honestly, though it’s too early to say this, I have an impression that Kitagawa Kenji may be the best song this fall….

I think today’s medley of the three song, Beginner, UZA, RIVER was kinda new and fresh to me.

It’s interesting to see audiences keep silent during AKB48’s performance.

Uhmmm Kitagawa Kenji → ANRIRE → UZA….

I think it’s hard to keep being interested in the performance of this song when they performed in this order…

I hope they won’t skip the breakdown part of the 4 members for the full version…

Many people are saying this medley proved that RIVER is far better than UZA, but personally I thought UZA is cooler than RIVER.

Say, it’s backtrack is freakin cool, and the lyrics are deep.

There dancing has become far better than performance at Budo-Kan.

After all, I’m content with today’s performance as I could watch Ricchan in the Medley.

She can dance far better than Paruru. I would say, it won’t take long until she can stack up to top members.

Kawaei Rina 10:30pm

HEY!HEY!HEY!Live Broadcasting♥

I joined the song performance of UZA and RIVER as UNDER. (for Miyawaki Sakura)

And Sashihara-san’s solo number!

“Ikujinashi no Masquerade♬

ANRIRE joined the song performance as dancers( ・`д・´)★
I will watch the recorded video when I get back home♬