"Gui Gui" Senbatsu from Majisuka produced by Murashige Anna!! and Hilary's awesome Gif Animations!!

  September 10, 2012
Murashige Anna 5:44 PM 9/10

Murashige’s new song is now OUT!!!

“Gui Gui” (Push Aggressively / Jerk)

Here I introduce you to the “Gui Gui” Senbatsu from Majisuka!!!

Murashige Anna

1st Comment♪
Kato Rena

I got the Senbatsu position♥”
Abe Maria

I’m in Senbastu(^o^)/
Kumazawa Serina

Majisuka ver.!!!!


Shimada Rena

Murashige Anna

Filmed by Minarun-san!

Borushige…. It looks like she is doing perfectly fine among the Majisuka members…

LOL Don’t get your seniors involved~! Anyway it looks like they’re having so much fun!!

Hirata Rina 9/9 10:48 PM

Hai!! This is Hirata Rina aka Hilary, 12gen member!♪
Today I joined the “Theater no Megami” Stage♪

Let me quiz you about Hilary~~!!
Please answer ○ or X!!

Hirata Rina 10:41pm 9/10

Please wait for 30 seconds Eikaiwa!! (Because she has been sick since yesterday.)
This is an answer list for yesterday’s Hilary quiz!!

Hilary has played 11 positions for theater performances as Under!

“Mokugekisha” 1 position
“RESET” 3 positions
“Theater no Megami” 4 positions
“Boku no Taiyo” 3 positions

Hilary has joined 2 units in the same theater performances!

“Boku no Taiyo” – “Idol nante Yobanaide” and “Itoshisa no Defence”
“Theater no Megami” – “Hatsukoi yo Konnichiha” “Rocker Room Boy”

Hilary hasn’t joined performances of “RESET” in her original Under position.

Originally I’m Under for Fijie-san.
But I’ve never joined RESET Stage as her Under( p_q)

Hilary’s name Rina was taken from an Anime character.

My parents say it’s taken from リィナ from Gandum Double Z. But I’ve never watched the anime…