Ikujinashi Masquerade by Sashihara Rino & ANRIRE unveiled LOL!

  September 24, 2012


Sassy, Annin, Kawaei, Katorena!

Ikujinashi Masquerade

Wait…. I can only see Ricchan LOL

LOL'd at Kawaei as Center~

Come on! It looks like Ricchan is the Center of this song!

Where is Sashihara….. They only showed RIcchan….

I don't care whether they put Kawaei in the Center… This is clearly Sashihara's song and they just pick Kawaei as Center in order to generate controversy….

So what I'm concerned about is… A HKT48 member has AKB48 as her backup dancers…? I feel awkward about this…

↑Background Chorus for this song is done by HKT….

It was Kawaei with extra girls…. LOL

This is completely the unit for Kawaei Rina!!

Kawaei Oshi camera LOL

Why the heck is Sashihara, who is singing the song, one of backup dancers LOL

The opposite of Nagisa no Cherry LOL


nbatsu members' faces twitched with awkwardness LOL

What a nice girl Joe is…

Joe Eriko 7:57pm 9/24

Joe Eriko 9/24 20:00

Sashihara-san! Please appear on TV☆

I LOL'd when DownTown retorted while they were watching the monitor…

Akimoto knows his stuff!!

He knows how to make sensation! Well…..  I mean, putting aside the lame lyrics.

So everyone will join Ohta production!?!?

By the way, Sashihara looks soooo “Orz…” when she is with these fresh girls!!

I shall only say “Yasusu, good job!….” to pick Kawaei as Center LOL

This is the unit to market Kawaei using Sashihara's popularity LOL

Goo Kawaee (ぐう かわええ)



  1. KudoShinichikun says:

    VTR full of ‘Kawaii’ Riichan in Sasshi’s song LOL
    I’m fine if she slowly proceeds in this way to become the next ace leaving Paruru behind…

  2. sakunyan says:

    Riichan~ Her dancing was awesome! I loved the faces of the senbatsu xD

  3. ray says:

    are? kawaei got lot screen time.
    But I don’t really mind for that.
    This new Unit form based on former AKB and new generation of AKB48.

  4. run says:

    fortunately It have left a remark, but please let her in the proper position for the next performance

  5. Kirito says:

    バックダンサー…… バックシンガー !

  6. Mario Medves says:

    I see the video and i laugh. Sasshi singing and camera only on Ricchan lol.
    I hope this AN-RI-RE isn’t a one shot unit, and maybe can join Ohta Pro (yes yes).

  7. cryt says:

    The shot of Takamina’s face and Yuko’s half-cheering says it all…. lol

    Kawaei’s dancing seemed like the most sharp and energetic, compared to Annin and KatoRena, is that also on purpose?

    well good job Ricchan for playing the part of center, but I hope Sashi’s next performance will be so awesome, the camera and choreography will just automatically focus around her.