IWA da Rock

  September 18, 2012



At this point. we should say IWA, not UZA…

Oh no! Iwa is too standing out!!

Honestly, the only thing I did during the song performance was to keep following Iwa.


LOL Don’t do IWA on ground wave television LOL

Please! Hurry to upload captured image of IWA!!

LOL Thi costume s is cheating!!

The girl dressed in Indian cloths behind IWA has completely erased her presence because of IWA!!!
After all, IWA is the strongest, the most powerful creature ever!!


I don’t think she can dance in this costume…. LOL

Yeah, because of this costume, her arms aren’t raised that much!!

Looks like she certainly succeeded to establish her character!!

IWA Idol? Man, that’s too drastic!!!


She looks cute to my eyes, well…. accidentally?

Finally she got her real “Chance no Junban”!!

Man, I feel sorry for the girl behind her….LOL

AKB 29th Single “IWA”

Even Nakai-kun got interested in IWA!!

So how has she become IWA?

She played a role of IWA in a comedy show “Bimyo~”
At first, she was just poked by a rabbit,
but she was teased by a dog, rollled over, and bombed…..
She stole chocolate…. and the program closed…




Thank you IWA!!
That was the most awesome Rock “N’ Roll!!

So I figured, we can find “Chance no Junban” anywhere…
I mean there’re tons of STONES.

IWA owned UZA tonight.
I hope she will wear IWA costume for the next single along with no one!!!

Yasusu may write a song called “IWA”…

Esumi’s reaction at IWA’s Janken battle was nice, too~.

I mean, she gotta wear this costume for handshake event!!
I mean, she will sell all 6 time slots in a flash!!

I LOL’d at “KImidake~ Request chuu~~~~~♪”

And I love how she didn’t win the tournament while she owned the this performance….

After all, this Yakiniku restaurant run by her parents will do good business because of this result!!

It was interesting.
But is this really what she wants to be??

When she was given this IWA role in the comedy show,
She looked so reluctant to play IWA.
But as her IWA got unexpectedly good reaction from people, it’s said that she felt this is rewarding job…. LOL

And this is the real figure of IWA…

Man…. This is just too awesome….




Why she is always make a serious face when she is in IWA costume… LOL

I just hope IWA will join 2 shot photo shoot event in Oct….