Janken Winner, Shimazaki Haruka got Positive Reactions from the general public!

  September 19, 2012

Maeda Atsuko was also received fairly positively by many of general audiences.
After all, she is the one who contributed AKB48 to gain tons of new fans.
It’s just she was very popular that she was slandered like “Facial Center (Her facial parts are concentrated in the center)” by increasing number of Anti.

I think now, it’s the time for Shimazaki Haruka to gain many of positive reception from public,
and she has a potential to attract tons of new fans.
Naturally, they will select her as next “Center”.
Value of “Center” is about how many new fans she can gain while she is received positively among people.

Even for people who don’t know much about her, once they saw her looks that is adorable but somehow make people so worried if she is alright without support from others, they can’t help but want to support her.

Now we saw the birth of “Idol who are loved by people”.

Literally the birth of Idol who are supported by people?

I saw tons of tweets that are very favorable to her,
but probably she will soon get slammed by people after she has gotten too much promotional push and people starts getting fed up with her.

Though there’re many people who haven’t noticed this because they are totally opposite in terms of their images, it’s Akicha, whose position was deprived by Paruru.

Nope. It’s Yokoyama who grabbed Akicha’s position.

After all, she is Idol, which means being cute justifies everything.

She made the front-page coverage in Sponichi.
So, now that people are recognized her as a successor of Maeda and that CUTE girl succeeded Maeda’s position, which may have increased Paruru’s popularity by 200%.

By the way, why you guys care so much about how the general public receive AKB48?

Yeah, it’s actually weirdly funny that they always care about how people react, say in Yahoo news. They care too much about receptions of non AKB Ota people.

So she is not good at talking?
Which means she has a good potential to be an actress.
She may transform, yeah, will transform.

As I was browsing other websites,
I’m surprised that people react to Shimazaki so positively.
While they say that Nito is not cute despite she has become cuter recently.

Shimazaki is received quite favorably in twitter, νSoku and Zikkyou-ban.
Before Shimazaki, everything about AKB was Anti articles, but after all, when the girl in question is cute, their reception becomes totally the opposite.

Ordinary People: This girl called Shimazaki looked so sweet!
Ota: Paruru is a cute girl, but she is Salty.

LOL For most of people, how she react to fans at handshake events has nothing to do with their perception of Shimazaki.

Why they welcome Shimazai far more favorably than Sashihara Rino-chan!?
They are a kind of insane~.

↑Probably there’re many Johnny’s Ota in the audiences and they have a good impression of this girl in Bkaleya?

As I was watching AKB48 Janken Tournament without any particular thought,
I was taken aback as the winner, Shimazaki-san is a stunningly cute girl!!
While everyone was doing cosplay, she dressed in an orthodox school uniform.
And that really suited her! and she was so brilliant!!
Until now, I’d been a bit cynical about AKB48, but I’ve become a fan of Shimazaki-san at the first sight!
I was searching for videos of Majisuka all day long today!
The Drama is interesting and the girl who plays a role of Annin is also very beautiful!
Now I can understand why people are crazy about AKB48!!

↑ Probably it’s only one small aspect of AKB48.

Maeda, Takahashi and Oshima somehow looks so saucy and cheeky while when people look at Paruru, probably the first thing that come through their mind is “Poor this little girl, I may need to embrace her gently…”

Yeah, Maeda does look, say “Why you look so proud when you’re not even that cute?” while Paruru is far more reserved, which is a huge advantage to be accepted by wider audiences.