JKT48 fans show their potential at Jakarta Japan Matsuri (Festival)

  September 24, 2012

Looks like a gentle Hooligan LOL

It's soooo exhilarating to listen to overture→Kimisuki (Kino no kotoga Sukidakara)

Somehow they look like Mononofu (fans of Momoiro Clover Z)  LOL


I found Cleopatra chan!!

As always, they're doing MIX behind the crowd ???

Several audience members are looking back to see Ota LOL

This is the potential of Jakarta….!!

I think they just want to do Otagei LOL

I respect that they bravely emulate Otagei LOL

I wonder if they're Japanese LOL

20 years later, AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, the idol groups that once dominated Japan have disappeared from the music scene, and now we can only remain of IDOL, the weird Japanese culture, in videos.

But there is a place where we can still hear the passionate call by Ota. The name of the place is….

↑It's sooooo funny because it's quite likely to happen LOL

It looks soooo much fun in Jakarta!

If it's Indonesia, I guess Harugon and Akicha will be able to have fun by just being idols!

Looks so exciting…

I want to visit there at least  once  while they're in JKT48…

The population of Indoneisa is 240 million.

The average age is 27.8 (44.7 in Japan)

relationship advice

ong>Though it's economic power is far behind countries like Thailand, they may have a bright future.

Let's say, if AKB48 will come to end for some reasons, I guess JKT48 will survive in some forms.

And I heard their exclusive theater is also in a gorgeous building!

JKT48 is awesome LOL

But if Japanese would make a movie condemning Muhammad,

JKT48 theater might be the most likely target for terrorists attack…

Former Harugon might be adapted to Jakarta too much and marry local people LOL

She might become the 2nd coming of Dewi Sukarno LOL


I'm honestly envious of them as I can feel the enthusiasm that will start from now on!

Kinda like Japan in the Bubble economy era.

I love JKT48 Ota who obviously trained a lot, too!

So JKT48 is actually similar to AKB48 in their early period?

If you look at their media exposure (TV commercials for Pocari Sweat or Sharp, the top Japanese companies), I think it's totally different from any other Japanese gorups.

But now they have the theater, and decreased TV appearances, maybe Ota are eager to find an occasion where they can do standing MIX.

Those who are supporting AKB48 are rich people who live in city area, who've been AKB fans thanks to the internet.

Besides, they're proud that Jakarta is the place for the first overseas project of the 48 group prior to China, Hing Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It's not just JKT48, but Indonesia itself is kinda reminiscent of Japan's high-growth period.

It's a hot country and everyone is filled with hope and joy!

Their MIX is impeccable LOL

And, I'm so surprised that they can photograph in the venue LOL

I'm even slightly moved LOL

Amazing…. They're more popular than I expected…




  1. heard that some of nihongo was feel disturbed because some of jkt ota are doin otagei in hotel room.

  2. When U said Gantle Hooligan, In Indonesia it’s Called “Zombie” but U must be Know, Not all JKT48 Fans In indonesia Like That 🙂

  3. nedson says:

    Meh. For different perspective, Someone should read this article, it’s in ENglish though.

    • nedson says:

      a place where i share my life to the world

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      Jak-Japan Matsuri – The Opening

      September 24, 2012 by picculture


      Today is the opening day of Jak-Japan Matsuri, an annual event by
      Japan Foundation in Indonesia to tighten the two nation’s relationship
      by exchanging and showcase culture from each country.
      so after I arrived at the event site, i asked the security guy and he
      told me that the event is on the 4th floor. so i got on the elevator
      right away only to see packs of JKT48 zombies in front of the elevator
      on the fourth floor.
      yes, the event is very crowded, full of JKT48 fans.

      So me and some of my friends went to the traditional Japanese Tea
      ceremony performance to try the original Japanese green tea… or maybe we
      want to try only because some pretty neechan were serving the tea to
      the audiences.

      yes, that short haired neechan
      so while they explain about how to drink the tea, they served dorayaki to the audience

      now I know how it feels to be Doraemon )

      so that pretty neechan served me and my friends, the tea actually was
      pretty good, it didn’t taste too bitter, it didn’t feel “heavy” when
      you drink it. it feels light and refreshing.
      moreover because it was made by:

      after that, we went inside to see the Sushi battle, which is a sushi
      making competition, and the fish was provided by the jury who was
      cutting a super ultra large TUNA… that was the first time i see people
      cutting up a fish that big.

      look at those meat chunks…

      after that was the performance of JKT48. let me tell you, all the
      heads you see in the photo above were all JKT48 fans. well, mixed with
      some innocent Japanese who was obviously shocked to see what happened in
      front of their eyes, which i described as “some barbaric forever alone
      war cry” lol, kidding, it was the mix and chant that was so loud, so
      noisy and so out-of the place.

      it was very disturbing that some of the Japanese standing next to me
      said that all of the fans were very “kimochi warui” or gross. lol, yes,
      and it was escalated quickly after they saw some people at the back do
      wotagei, in the middle of a ballroom of a famous hotel in Jakarta… shit

      so it was so chaotic and embarrassing until the Japanese next to me said something like

      “kore wa kimoi na” “nandayo kono otaku ppoi na ugoki wa”

      • Tesar Wijaya says:

        i feel so so sorry to all japanese fans… -____- we don’t know again,
        how to solve this chaotic zombie of JKT48 fans… afterall it’s being
        discussed by all of JKT48 fans in our country. btw, kimochi warui, i absolutely agree

      • Put in another perspective, the Japanese attending the event might just be a formal ojii-san who are not familiar with 48ism..

  4. This heart feels pain after reading all the comments on the Japanese people, ….

    although there are also comments above are positive

  5. otasweat48 says:

    for the first time I confused with this positive comments from Japanese fans.
    coz the reality is many fans & common audience in that day is very-very disturbed by it.
    the room is very crowded, it’s hot & filled with sweat aroma from ota who perform otagei.

  6. One of the main difference between Japanese & Indonesian fans is the age segment. A lot of the fans here are still in Junior High School & High School age, so there are a whole crowd who are immature and also have limited budget. For any free events, a huge swarm of “zombies” can usually be expected. For a more civilized event (but still quite messy), there’s the theater where you have to pay.

    But I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive response from Japanese fans on the Jakarta fans. :D.

  7. delusi jeketi says:

    They are awesome ^^

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