Kodama Haruka, Tashima Meru, Miyawaki Sakura, Tomonaga Mio… The future Ace position of HKT48

  September 24, 2012


She had an aura of Ace…

Just a brief glance convinces you that she has to be Center…

What wrong with Tsunku? He failed to keep this girl… LOL

This is the only girl exuding an ridiculously outstanding aura….

The way she smiles in front of cameras pretty much explains that she is a natural born idol.

She've transformed herself completely in such a short time after the audition for Morning Musume!!

Looks like she is far skinnier than the other girls.

So she is supposed to be the most likely candidate for the Center of team K3?

The question here is whether she will join team H or become the Center of team K3.

Either way, she will surely be a part of Senbatsu for HKT48's debut single.

I think she will be the center of K3.

I'm not sure which team she will join, but it's hard to imagine she won't be Center.

So instead of replacing Haruppi with Meru, she may become Ace of team K3?

K3 Center and Front Row for HKT's debut single

Tashima-san looks so sweet!

She has become much more beautiful after she had bangs!

Why doesn't Haruppi also have bangs???

Whatever, Tashima-san loooks cuter than the rest.

At least that's how I feel.

By the way, Natsu is emulating Takahashi Juri in this photo LOL

(*Dead Eyes, *Natsu: Matsuoka Natsumi)

Sure she is

cute…….. Maybe Kodama-chan can't stack up to this girl….

If only that girl is still in HKT48…..

What is this enormous sense of loss when we talk about the battle for the HKT's Ace position….

I think Tomonaga Mio smells more like an Ace than Tashima~.

Yeah, she is so cute in profile pics!!

♥Tashima Miru and Tomonaga Mio

Oh she is this girl!!

Yeah! She is exuding the idol aura much more than Tashime Meru!

Sakura-tan and Sakura-tan

美桜 (Mio): Beautiful Cherry Blossom

It's actually Okamoto Naoko who looks like Sakuratan!!

HKT48 top 3 Loli girls!!

Uhmmm I hope this girl will be 5cm taller in the future…

I think visual-wise, Tomonaga is absolutely the top of 2gen members!!

I guess she will be as popular as Sakura-tan!

As for Tashima Meru, I haven't yet fully understood the charm of her.



  1. Mark Weber says:

    I wonder if any of these girls will live up to the expectations. Calling someone ace, just by judging their aura from photos seems a little strange to me. We will probably get a chance to see more of the coming team K3 once that TV-show featuring HKT hosted by sasshi will start airing. Looking forward to that 🙂

  2. nanock says:

    I was starstruck the first time I saw Tomonaga. Totally agree that she just exudes a classic idol aura. Her or Sakuratan would be great aces for HKT

  3. Tankan says:

    natsu too

  4. what do you expect from so called next jurina

  5. I think Miyawaki Sakura will be a great ace for HKT48 in the future…in HaKaTa Hyakkaten, she always try to get more involved in every segment, and she done it very well. She never being awkward and always try to be as hilarious as Murashige…she really blended with other HKT48 members…I can see that she will be the next Oshima Yuko or Maeda Atsuko in the future…and about Meru, i think she is the cutest member recently, but i thought she find difficult for having real chemistry with others…I don;t know why, but, Meru need to learn more to be great ace like Jurina…and, i think, Meru is more likely to be next Watanabe Mayu..

  6. Someone please tell me…who is the one beside Haruppi on bikini photo above??