Fuss on Nakagawa Haruka fan thread and possible Yakuza relation of the Karaoke Store

  September 12, 2012

There’ve been tons of comments that accuse Nakagawa Haruka (as well as Oshima Yuko) on her Google Plus account (and 2ch’s Nakagawa Haruka fan thread) when she updated her G+ last night.

They said that the Maeda, Oshima and Nakagawa got permission from management for the party in advance, but when we run through the time-line,

Photobook event at Shinjuku (9/4) → Job-well-done party (closed on 23:30) → private party (Nakagawa joined this one) → Nakagawa back her home in the early dawn.

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Nakagawa Haruka 9/4 23:01

I’m fatiguedー(–;)

I finally got to my home….

But there’re tons of errands I must do…. Cleaning, washing…..

It’s so tough to live alone(>_<)

That’s just whining to myself….



It can be interpreted in many ways, but it’s fact that she updated this post before she joined the private Karaoke party (if Bunshun’s description is correct). Because it can be interpreted that she tried to deceive fans by posting this comment,  it has raised tons frustration or even fury among fans.

*Most of emotional and bashing comments on her Google Plus have been flagged and invisible.

Nakagawa Haruka 9/12 0:33 AM

I got back my smartphone!!

I left it at yesterday’s work place!!


Today, I will join the theater performance!!

MOchiko, Happy birthday~~♪

I love you~

I love you too much~~~!!

From Mochiko’s Top Ota.

Nakagawa Haruka 

The girl I took a photo together is Ayana from JKT!

We’re friends!

I like u Ayana~

Ayana Shahab 9/12 0:55

Harusan, thank you so much!

Ayana love you, too, Harusan♥

Ayana Shahab 9/12 1:02

I’ve become friends with Harusan! Right, Harusan?

I want to talk to you soon(>_<)

Kuramochi Asuka 9/12 2:16


Thank you~. I love youよ(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

Now , comments on Nakagawa Haruka fan threads are polarized between comments that slightly accuse her of having private Karaoke parties with men in the midnight and comments that insist that it’s Acchan, who was drunk, that should be blamed for her disgraceful behavior, and Harugon and Yuko were just taking care of her. Well… both are understandable.


Mancy’s Tokyo, the Karaoka restaurant they held a party is owned by former Morning Musume。’s member Kago Ai’s husband 安藤陽彦. Who was arrested for blackmailing last year. *he threatened his acquaintance who lent him 20 million yen by saying “Yakuza is backing me and my business. (so I refuse to pay debts)”