NMB48’s Next Single will be a song that has HUGE IMPACT, and one more about Janken Single

  September 20, 2012

The song itself is the hugest impact.

(From the left: Shiroma Miru, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamamoto Sayaka, Ogasawara Mayu, Kotani Riho)

It goes beyond common sense like, say… Boyo~~~n

It’s title, it’s lyrics, you’ll be shocked!

I think you will make sounds out of surprise!

Looks-wise, we are different from before, too!!

Never miss their first performance of this new song on TV!

Good news!!! NMB will perform their new song on Sep 24’s broadcasting of HEY!x3!!!

I’m so uneasy about their new single, but… but…. I can’t help but expect from our girls!!

Looks like this is gonna be a song that makes us want to say “What the heck?”????
Man, that was exactly my first reaction to “Virginity” LOL

Sensational Title and Lyrics…..
man, I only have a bad feeling about this.
I just want them to make more mainstream, orthodox songs.

It will never be good when they try to be sensational…

But Order-wise, this single is the turn for a good song.

There’s a tendency that songs that is dubbed to have a huge impact are not good as we expect.
Usually for this kind of songs, Akimoto writes weird phrase in chorus part and refrain, refrain, refrain…

By the way, “Virginity” is not at all a bad song compared to “Gingham Check” and “UZA”.

Will Yuihan participate in this single?

MB brings so much fun every time they release new songs!

So NMB have made it a rule that they perform the first TV performance of their new song on Hey!x3?

*HEY!x3 will end at the end of this year.

Wait, I think “Virginity” is actually a good song.

Yeah. It’s a nice song.

Virginity has a nice tune.
It’s that cheap bugle’s sound that ruins the song….

↑Virginity is a song that incorporates Electric Kayoukyoku, and Rhythm Kakyoukyoku, making it a modern parody of these genres.
So that cheap bugle’s sound is essential for the song.
On the contrary, if they add more gorgeous sounds, it will totally obscure the concept of the song.

All of NMB songs are good except “Tetsu no Pantsu” (Junjo U-19).

↑Tetsupan (Junjo U-19) is also very popular among fans, though I don’t know about how it’s received by AKB Ota.

In the end, NMB48 will never ever release FAIL song!

I love “Oh My Gaa” as it has Yogi Keira chan in Senbatsu!!!

Weird…. Considered the pattern, they will release “Da Idol” type of song for the next single…

Zettai Kurokami Shojo – (Yasusu’s favorite taste)
Oh My Gaa! – (Mainstream Idol song)
Junjo U-19 – (Yasusu’s favorite taste)
NagiIchi – (Mainstream)
Virginity – (Yasusu)

So it’s gonna be the mainstream idol song, I guess.

Considered that AKB’s new songs are “Gingham Check”, then “UZA”, we can’t expect much for quality….

Let’s finish speak ill of the Godly song “UZA”.

I think NMB has no poor songs so far.
If you ask me, I think songs like “Mousou Girlfriend” are the lamest.

Let’s set the bar low, so that we won’t be slammed by other Ota!

Next song will surely be lame!

After all, NMB48 songs are all captivating.
I can’t stop repeatedly listen to their songs.
Sure, “Virginity” was also a song that the more I listen to it, the more it has become unique and special…

I hope they will leave bigger impact to Fukuyama Masaharu, who will co-star the TV show, than they did with “Zettai Kurokami Shojo”!!



AKB 29th Single Pre-order has started (AKB48 Janken Single)

Title: To be announced (Type-A) 【with Bonus Photo】 [Limited Edition, CD+DVD, Single]

Title: To be announced (Type-B) 【with Bonus Photo】 [Limited Edition, CD+DVD, Single]

Title: To be announced (Type-C) 【with Bonus Photo】 [Limited Edition, CD+DVD, Single]

Yossha! I will buy tons of em~~~~~!!!!!

Ridiculously early LOL

One after another…. Have no time to take a break LOL

28th Single “UZA” will be released on Oct 31th

Janken Single will be released on Dec 5th.

Oh come on…. Even before “UZA” is released?

No Money, that’s the life!

Probably they will unveil this song in the early November, so it’s not that early, I think?

But…. right after they practiced the choreo of “UZA”, they will soon start practicing for next songs….

Being AKB girls is the toughest job.