Sashiko named Kawaei Rina for the Next Generation’s Ace and Yukirin said Sashihara Is Not AKB

  September 15, 2012

From Janken Tournament 3 hours special’s guide program!

This is from the pre-show program, where Sashihara held One Man Janken Tournament by herself!

“Though you records are selling well, don’t monkey around with Sashihara!!”

Even though she sounds so rude to her senior, she never forgets to pay respect to her~.

You know, by saying Itano is selling well, she is showing her respect to her senior!

LOL This has become a customary for Kashiwagi and Sashihara combi!

“This person is not AKB!!”

Sashihara lost to Yukirin…

“You used up all of your luck!! What an idiot~~~~!!”

LOL Sashihara is so disgusting but at the same time, so cute~~~!

Yukirin is so nice to kindly take time to this skit for Sashihara~~~~!!

And Sashihara said Kawaei is the next generation’s ACE!!!!

“The next Generation’s Ace is over!”

 Kawaei Rina (17) 11gen, Selected for Senbatsu only once.

“I want to win.”

You know what? Sashihara does have an eye to tell true talent of idols.

But if you look at their performance skills, Iwata Karen and Tano Yuka are the ones who’re closed to the Ace positions…

And what about Paruru?

She is sure cute, but somehow I kinda have an impression that she has “poor-looking” face….

She lacks…. gorgeousness…. So I would rather hope Oshima Ryoka to be the next Ace.

Man…. This clearly means Kawaei will transfer to Ota Production!!!

The next girl after Paruru is Oshima Ryoka.

There’s no position for Kawaei.

Please! No Ota production please!!

I hope she will be a part of Watariroka Hashiritai 7, along with Messi (Takahashi Juri)!!

Because Ogi Production has Watanabe Mayu and General Manager (Takahashi Minami),

She will have a bright future there!!

I can’t believe the fact that among the three members in this photo, Kawaei is the oldest…

Kawaei is a real cute girl, and unlike Shimazaki, Kato Rena or Takeuchi Miyu in the past, she never spares to offer fan-service, which makes her ideal person to lead AKB48 in the future!


I love her, she is so cute, but I must admit that she lacks an outstanding aura that is required to be Center.

I hope she will join some sub-unit~!!

What I’m picturing is that Kawaei moves to Ota Production, and will create a sub-unit with Iriyama Anna!

I have no complain if it’s Ricchan.

She even celebrated our hero, Doraemon, by this Neko-Mimi!!

Kawaei Rina 9/9

Today I joined HS event~♥



Suzuki Mariya 9/9 23:31

What is this!? Kawaii! Too cute!!