Shania and Ochi from JKT48 fell sick, hopefully no more ..

  September 16, 2012

Effects of routine theater performances was being felt by JKT48 members. Shania, one of the frontline members in JKT48 get sick and had to be hospitalized several days ago. Previous Shania reportedly exhausted in theater performance and was replaced by Nabilah, and finally JKT48 management announced that Nabilah will replace Shania’s appearance at the theater until Shania get healed.

This is JKT48 management announcement

“Shania Junianatha’s performance at the theater will be replaced by Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia over the next few days due to Shania’s unfavorable conditions. Thank you.” (Translated by JKT48 Official fanpage)

This is a photo of Shania, who is being hospitalized

Shania JKT48 get sick

 Nabilah, JKT48 member who are also her best friend visit her and give her a kiss of affection, in the hope for speedy recovery for Shania

Nabilah and Shania JKT48

Nabilah and other members also give support for Shania from Twitter account.

“I hope you get better soon, don’t forget to take the medicine and take a rest frequently” (translate from Nabilah’s tweet)

“Get well soon Shania, Let’s give spirit for shania! She had the best showing in theater. We’re proud of you! (translate from Veranda’s tweet)

“Get well soon Shania, I’d give you a speedy recovery moves! *kiss your cheek (translate from Ayana’s tweet)

“Minna-san, you already know that Shania sick, right? all members have been praying and saying “get well soon” to shania (translate from Cleopatra’s tweet)

Previously, some members are also in poor condition. Cleo had a fever, even Ochi (Neneng Rosdiana) had chickenpox and she is still unable to perform with JKT48, so she’s performance replaced by Delima Rizky. This is JKT48 management announcement about Ochi

“[INFO] Neneng Rosdiana’s peformances at the theater will be replaced by Delima Rizky over the next few days because Neneng sick. Thank you.” (translated from JKT48 Official Fanpage)

Delima, who replaced Ochi’s appearance at the theater, also give spirit to Ochi via twitter account

I miss my friends are as crazy as me. Hopefully a speedy recovery for Ochi’s chickenpox” 😥   (translated from Delima’ tweet)

A few months ago, Stella also briefly hospitalized and JKT48 fans in Indonesia provide prayer and dedication through the Twitter hashtag #GWStellaJKT48 and managed to become a Trending Topic in Indonesia

Rigorous training and solid schedule perform making endurance of JKT48 members are drop. I hope the second generation of JKT48 will be formed soon for easier rolling member’s performance in theater. Now JKT48 international fans should not underestimate to JKT48. They’ve fought hard and began to reach their climax.

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