The man who joined Gokon party with AKB48 members Chikano Rina and Sato Amina made apology

  September 27, 2012

Looks like they just made an apology for playing outside in midnight during the performance period of the musical.

We just wait to see how management will react to this report.
In Oshima Yuko and Nakagawa Haruka's case, they clearly stated that they gave them permission for the party, and it's probably the official statemement from them.

Shukan Bunshun reported Gokon party of AKB members Sato Amina and Chikano Rina.

The men who joined the party with them are reportedly said to be Hirose Daisuke and Sison Jun who are currently starring Musical “The prince of Tennis”.
But AKB management replied to the interview by Shukan Bunshun taht it was not Gokon party, they just heard Sato and Chikano went to Karaoke with several of their friends. And there's not any kinds of (love) relationship among them and denied the rumor that minors drank alcohol at the party.


Many people pointed out that Sato Amina Chikano Rina updated their Google Plus almost at the same time, a little passed 4am on 21th. Sato wrote “I'm thirsty!!!!” and Chikano “I'm hungryyyyy!!!” People have raised questions if these comments were posted during or after the alleged Gokon party.

Like everyone else, I don't 100% trust Bunhun's articles, as they write articles in a manner to distort the fact.

But I also think it's not 100% fake story.

You sure made something that lead them to write this article.

I don't know what's the truth, but if you feel responsibility as a member of AKB48, you should be more careful about your behavior.

Actually I wanted it's Amina and Chikano who make an apology first…




  1. Alexandra Huttová says:

    oh jesus, why they have to apologize? they are not kids and it would be unnatural and weird not to have contact with opposite sex/ gender and by contact i don’t mean sex but just ordinary talk, conversations, fun, tell me all of you boys and girls are you meeting just with the same sex ?!
    Really tired of this ‘ meeting someone else than akb members’ drama. tell me if you who want them to apologize, do you talk only with the same person everyday and no one else? it would be siiick.
    I care about their music/ dance/ movie, photoshooting, cm actvities, don’t care if they have boyfriends/ girlfriends…

  2. lincolnz777 says:

    He openly “apologies” will only benefit the magazine that their article is true….

    what a setup…

  3. nanock says:

    i thought it was mitsumune kaoru at first

  4. Peechan says:

    Alexandra Huttová is right. Our girls don’t need to apologize at all. They are human not a doll. You can love them but not own them. They have their life. AKB48 girl can’t have boyfriend, this is understandable, it’s business. Hanging around with friend does not forbid any rule and they are not a 13-15 years old.

  5. yeo wee kian says:

    I seriously see no point for amina to apologize first. They did nothing wrong, and if the apologize, it just made matter worst as people will believe that there are something between them. And since the management knows about their meeting what is there to apologize?