Watanabe Mayu 3rd Single "Hikaru Monotachi" (Those who glow), and one more about Iwata Karen

  September 27, 2012


Iwata Karen 9/26 20:27

I'm so sorry that I didn't update Google Plus yesterday.

I cut my hair short…..!!!

This is the first time I have my hair shot in my whole life!

What do you think??

It was difficult to decide to do this as I received various kind of opinions from you.

But because I declared that if I coulnd't make it into Senbatsu in the Janken Tournament, I will cut my hair short, so I figured I want to refresh my mind and mark the fresh start by keeping my promise.

I will refresh my mind and strart over from 1 (^^)/

I'm looking forward to show my new short hair to you in person (^^)



Suddenly Short hair has become trend in AKB48…..

Kinda looks like Naana and Sayanee?


Fujita Nana 20:31

Iwata Karen 20:33

Naana-san!! I've finally cut my hair (^_^)v

Iwata Karen 20:35

I cut 30cm of my hair!

Oshima ryoka 20:35

Such a brave conduct! As expected of Karen-san(`・ω・´)!

Iwata Karen 21:18

Ryo~chan! Thanx!!

Oshima Ryoka 20:35

I'm sooo looking forward to seeing it!

Fujita Nana 01/01/1990 00:00

I can't see your face, by the way!

Aigasa Moe 21:07

Because I want to see it in person, I will come to meet you from now!

d( ̄  ̄)笑

Iwata Karen 21:21

Moe, I'm waiting for you←

Iwata Karen 21:33

It's more like Short Bob than Normal Short.

Hirata Rina 22:16

I thought this is me….

Iwata Karen 23:34

Hilary, that couldn't be true LOL

Iwatate Saho 23:33

I want to meet you (♡,,ơ .ơ)

Kawaei Rina 22:46


Long anticipated Short Hair!!!♥♥♥♥

Iwata Karen 23:34


Iwata Karen 21:20

If I tie my hair at the left side, I can transform into Nagisa-chan in a sec!


Iwata Karen 17:38 9/24

I'm so shocked….

My mind went blank….

I'm frustrated with myself as I will join the theater performance from now….

I can't stop tears….

I…. couldn't notice it…
I couldn't help and hear her worries…

I made a phone call to her but looks like she is still at school…

Hope I will be able to talk to her in the evening…


Iwata Karen 23:03 9/26


I talked to Elena on the phone just now (^^)

We talked, crying and laughing, just as usual, but it felt so precious to spend time with Elena.

We talked a lot over all sorts of things when you stayed at my home.

We went to the Disney Land, shopping and Karaoke together.
We often had long phone calls…

I could talk everything to Elena….

What I love about Elena the best is….
She really honest to her true feelings, and never hide anything in a good sense. She doesn't lie, she never speaks ill of others.

In this industry, we sometimes see people who tend to think “To survive in this business, (it can't be helped that we sometimes hurt others) in this cruel world of Show-Biz. But Elena is different.

She is truly genuine as a human, and I can trust her from the bottom of my heart.

If I were a man, I would definitely marry her.←

But I won't never ever cry again.

It's for Elena as she is making a new start.
Elena has the wolrd brightest smile +.*

I will work hard so that some day, I can hear Elena saying to me “Karen! Let's get to make it!”

Elena, we are and will always be friends☆

Iwata Karen 2:56

I don't cry! I don't dare to cry! I don't cry! Don't cry, Iwata Karen!!

Iwata Karen 2:56

I watched AKB 12gen's Shojo Tachiyo on youtube, and that finally made me stop crying, as all my tears flew out as I watched the video.
I will go to bed now. Good night☆

Iwata Karen 2:57

……I wish I could go back to those days…. Nan'tene



  1. kreepy says:

    looking forward to her new single.

  2. Giang Pham says:

    Yes!!! New single on November!!!
    This time there are 5 types… I’ll be so broke ; . ;

  3. AF says:

    Since we all saw Karen’s new hair, now I expect Mayuyu to the same and color her hair cyan for her next single.

  4. cryt says:

    Fast work there, OgiPro. I just hope they’re not overworking Mayu too hard, maybe they’ll give her more artistic freedom as she sells more singles.

    I liked her 1st single better than her 2nd one, so I’m curious how this one will turn out.