AKB48 Members photos that are reminiscent of Cats

  October 7, 2012

Let’s have a fun and grin weirdly together!

Then again, a thread for Paruru…

Members who have cat like eyes would be…. Paruru, Manatsu and Sassy?

↑I don’t like Paruru that much.

↑Okay, then does Sashihara have cat-like eyes? I don’t think so.


There used to be a member called Ono Haruka.

If I can share Cat Ear (猫耳/ねこみみ) pictures with you….


You mean like this?


Holy cow! Kuumin does have Cat Eyes (猫目/ねこめ)!!!

↑That’s nice…. so nice!!

Neko thread again? How come you guys never get bored of it…. lol

After all, no once can deny Paruru is Neko.

Reinyan, Moeno

Whatever, when it comes to Neko, Kuumin owns it!

Ainyan Neko

Or you mean like this?


↑x2 Nori Role!!

Muffin-kun and Yagami Kumi


Takayanagi Akane

Uh huh….?


You forget a very important person.

↑She is more like an angel rather than Neko.


Who is this girl?

↑Great answer!

Please forgive me Nyan. (ゆるしてにゃん)