Cultural critic Azuma Hiroki asked to join marketing for AKB48 + 1 more on Sayaka on KK and Sae

  October 24, 2012

1. Renowned cultural critic Azuma Hiroki got offer from DENTSU, asking to join AKB48 marketing

2. Akimoto Sayaka talks with tears about Miyazawa Sae's transfer and members who haven't been selected for Shonichi roster

Akimoto Sayaka talks in tears about transfer of Miyazawa and members who won't perform at Shonichi of the new team K

What a nice girl….

Matsui Sakiko

I'm listening to Sayaka's LISTEN!!

Damn! Stop talking about such a touching story… I'm annoyed but…. I love her so much! I love team K so much!

No!! No!! No, I'm not crying!!

Crap! I don't care anymore!! I'm gonna watch Jucies!! (comedian duo)ヽ(;▽;)ノ☆☆笑


Okaro~~~!! I love you~~~!!

Tonight's LISTEN was such a godly episode.

And I have high expectations for the next episode by Umechan.

It's understandable as Okaro's peers of the same generation, KK (小林香菜), N Nacchi (佐藤夏希) and Nattsumi~ (松原夏海) weren't selected…

It can't bb helped considering their popularity, but she knows how much efforts they've put for AKB48 over these years…..

There's no one who can't be sympathetic with those who're working hard….

Okaro is crying…..

And it made me cry, too….

Okaro…. why don't you become captain again…

I don't mind if they suddenly overturn the previous announcement and name Okaro a captain…

It's so precious to have a captain who can shed tears for others…

Can I talk a little more?

No way! Cancel all corners planned to be aired after this, and please continue talking about your thoughts on team K.

It's so cruel to put ranking to members… and 6~7 members will be kicked out from theater's stage….

They are labelled as unpopular members by almost everyone, and even if they can join theater performance, people regard them a kind of stand-in….

It's tough to even keep motivation, as this is not sports that you can improve yourself by practice…

↑Popularity is not something you can improve by effort…..

They can improve their body shape, improve talking skill, create a unique character, they can do a lot of things, but there's no telling whether they're making efforts in a right direction…

Akimoto Sayaka

Everyone, thank you so much for listening til such a late at night(´Д` )✨

Talks about Waiting Stage (KK and Ucchii)

Now that members roster for Waiting Stage's Shonichi is annouced, and there're members can't join Shonich stage.

I saw Nishiyama-san (Saruobasan) wrote that Kobayashi Kana said “I won't lose (in this competition)” as she left the theater after the final performance of team B.

As I ponder upon her feeling when she uttered the work….. I… can't stop tears…. (Her voice becme tearful from this point)

Ucchii is now on the preparation for the recording of the single, and joins relating stuffs like recordings.

And when I saw her saying “I'll never be a loser…” with tears, I somehow thought I've gotta work hard, too.

Their feelings, our fans feelings, so yeah, I thought we gotta walk together, overcome a lot of things to move forward….

Speaking of Sae, I have a feeling of loneliness, but uhmmm how to put it?

I think the reason she could decide the transfer is because she believes in her fans and thus she can believe in the possibility of Shanghai and herself.

But… if I'm a person who is just close to Sae, I can just simply say “You've gotta give it a go! That's a great opportunity!”

But because I've been working together with her for such a long time, I couldn't say anything when she first confessed it to me.

It's neither “I miss you” nor “Congratulation!”, so I couldn't find right words to talk to her as we still don't know what will happen in Shanghai.

But as I was wondering what to say, Sad said “But, I'll go.”

And it was that moment that I realized Sae has changed, so much, over these 7 years, the period when I've been with her. And figured I've gotta grow up, too.

But, I think…. only those who've been chosen can challenge to this kind of thing.

Every person who pioneered the history, felt scared at first, I think.

We predict what it would happen, and there must be something that we can predict, but there're so many undetermined, unpredictable things come up in our way, and we smash our way in this tough situation when we forge the path that no one ever walked.

There'll be a lot of tough things for members who will go to Jakarta, Shanghai or who will hold concurrent positions.

But the one thing I can say for sure is they have buddies, and I really think it's driving power for us that we have fans who cry, feel pleased together with us, and always share the same sentiment with us.

Yeah, so there're things that will inevitably change, but there're certainly things that will never waver. So I want to always keep walking together with




  1. arc says:

    Okaro…you’re really such a wonderful person.

  2. bentobox says:

    Sayaka, show your boss who the real captain of Team K is.

    The official captain is Yuko, but de facto I think Sayaka still take up the reins. Everyone loves Sayaka as their captain.

  3. hollow says:

    okaro you really nice person this is make me cry

  4. Mario Medves says:

    I’m getting angry. Why Okaro isn’t anymore captain? Why Yuko must be center and captain in the same time? And Yuko with all the work that she had, she can’t join all the performance in theater but Okaro can join most of them. And Okaro don’t have to graduate T_T

    • bentobox says:

      Agree. A captain should be the one who can spend most of her time with the members, especially the junior.

    • Gina Aghnia says:

      Can’t agree more.. It breaks my heart realizing that the fact the re-shuffle took away many thing she cares deeply. T__T
      But seeing it more positively, no matter who the captain is, Sayaka will surely be the one who take cares of the member and be there to protect the team. If Yuko gets the official title as the captain, Sayaka will be there as the shadow captain. I am pretty sure, most AKB fans know how awesome Sayaka is with or without the title 😀
      I was pretty much worried about her since the re-shuffle, but after this radio interview, I can see that she’s pretty determined to still continue being a member of AKB 🙂

  5. I´m a little worried about the last RESET Stage today, because Sae wrote something like this on her Blog (This Morning!!):

    “But our real intention of all the words that I write here now,,,
    In the depths of my heart, I feel that there is also a real intention that they come out on stage I am today. . .”
    (By Google Translator)
    Is this right or did Google wrote shit?

    Even though she wrote that she won´t graduate, I´m really worried.
    I only hope the best…

  6. i think it was bad decision to make Yuko captain, because, and now don’t take it wrong i love Yuko, but she is more concerned about herself, and don’t care about members who are from laters generations and so on, Sayaka always cared. i think even when Yuko is from now captain, younger members and also all other will go ask Sayaka. She is team k’s mom 🙂