Famous Plastic surgeon Takasu Katsuya reacted to Sashihara Rino's remark "Takasu Clinic!"

  October 2, 2012

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As expected of Doctor Takasu…..

Thanks for Anti, Sashiko has been bigger and bigger^^

32 Oshi….

His word is so persuasive…. I'm actually, annoyingly, convinced so much by all the surgery he listed lol

haha as expected of Takasu, who is Mayuyu-Oshi. 

I guess she will have a talk with this man for her 3rd sole single 



  1. Kirito says:

    sasshi gambare!

  2. cryt says:

    lol yeah, even I felt persuaded when he listed what surgeries Sashi should have to improve her looks

    hopefully Sashi isn’t really considering plastic surgery even after Dr. Takasu’s shoutout

  3. ダンテ says:

    Hmm he seems fun and nice. But I don’t think Sasshi needs any surgery ever. She is perfectly fine and beautiful the way she is now.